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Increasing ranking for a competitive keyword

I have been trying for the last few months to break into the first page for a fairly competitive keyword. The competition for this keyword is frankly terrible -- there are probably two quality products, and the rest are generic items with poor marketing or small companies with terrible images and descriptions on their products.

What I have been doing to try to rank:
- I have given away around 80 units for $1 on the review service here in the last month;
- I have ads on amazon running with extremely high bids to ensure I always rank, even if the ROI is terrible;
- I have ads on google running;
- I ran a contest on Facebook and gave away another 40-50, and this likely drove up sales and traffic by a bit
- I have a coupon for buy two get one $5.00 off, which essentially makes us break even on the sale.
- I am going to have a sponsored post on a popular instagram page this week with a deep discount on the item.

My question is, what else can I do to get this rank up? I cannot modify the pictures on Amazon because they have swiped out the images I took for images they took at their warehouse of my product. When I try to update the images, it automatically switches back after a few hours. Ideas greatly appreciated. Should I be branching out promotion to somewhere else? I'm willing to put in whatever work is necessary to get this thing to at least the top 5 for my desired keyword.

Thank you,

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