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Question for Reviewer - delivery time for free product

Hey guys, I am just curious because recently i am considering to do promotion on product that is very light
Which i'd end up mailing via USPS Standard Mail (to cut the cost low)
My question is- would you guys not be satisfied if the mail come in a week later?
I know everyone expect Prime 2 day and a week seeeems like the end of the world loooooong.

This is the note that will be sent to reviewer when i approve them:
*Note item is Free during Promotion & will be shipped via Standard Mail (tracking will not be validated).
It will generally take 5-9 days for it to arrive.


  • Delivery time makes no difference to me, I know many reviewers don't have prime.
  • I don't care one bit. In fact I often choose no rush even on prime for the bonus $1 video credit.
  • It doesn't bother me at all and it is not uncommon for me to wait longer on certain things.
    And even though I have prime getting things to me quick isn't always a priority.
  • I personally do not care how long something takes to arrive. However if it has not arrived after 10 days, I will report it on my dashboard because I do not want to risk getting "warning emails". I will still review it when it arrived. I currently have an item on shipment from China that was sent in September.
  • It doesn't matter to me, I've had several shipments lately from China that have taken up to 3 weeks to get here. And not having tracking isn't a big's like a surprise in my mailbox when it finally comes :)
  • I've had quite a few things that take weeks. I don't mind the wait if the seller is going out of their way to make it free shipping for the reviewer. I have some Halloween decorations that have been 'on the way' for a while now and they won't actually arrive until the first week of November. That's fine with me, I can use them next year, and the shipping is free. I'm more likely to say 'I changed my mind' and not get something I was approved for if there is a high shipping cost for a 'free' or $1 item.
  • No, a week does not seem "end of the world long." As long as I don't pay for shipping, and as long as it's clear that shipping is free, I'll wait to receive the item.
  • A week isn't long. I hate items that take 3+ weeks to show up.
  • Great :) thanks for the answers~ item is free and up and running!
  • I don't care, it's not like when you buy a normal item and want it ASAP. I personally don't even mind shipped from other countries. I would not mention delivery time in my review, except if it's something shipped from China, then I might gently alert people to be patient because it has a long way to travel.
  • I don't care either. I typically choose the slower shipping rate too for the $1 promotional credit.
  • If the shipping is free I don't care. As long as I don't start getting emails asking me to review or get banned. I got 2 emails this week like that on items I haven't even gotten yet!
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