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Add-on Items? Is it just me?

I have had a few approvals in the past few days five to be exact, that have all be add-on items. So obviously not use-able unless I have over £20 in my basket for checkout. I am not sure why this is happening or are sellers just unaware that this is the case.

On another note my approvals have dropped to practically nothing and I wondering if other UK reviewers have had things get slow also or is it just me. I am an in depth reviewer and have a good track record so not sure if its just things in general slower or sellers just doing first come first serve approvals rather than looking at profiles? Would love to hear folks thoughts on both of these things.


  • I've had it happen quite often as well. Usually it is items I want and there is no way to get them. =/
  • I have one sitting on my approvals right now, but no way of getting it in a timely manner. Usually codes don't stack so I can't order it with other promo items, and whilst I do buy from Amazon, spending over £20 at once doesn't happen that often, maybe once every month or two... by which time the promo code will have expired and I'll have had warning emails, so there's not a lot I can do about them.

    It would be very nice if Add on items had an Add on icon next to them like FBA items do.
  • I am glad to know I am not the only one. But it is rubbish when this happens. I don't know if sellers are doing it unintentionally but it would be good if admin could comment on this also. As you both said there is no way to get them especially when promos won't stack so ultimately I end up just reporting to AMZ and saying it is an add on and the code won't work. Thank you Christy and Jesheckah for responding it is much appreciated.
  • There was one item that was an add-on item, and 2 days later Amazon had changed it. Thankfully the code was still good and I was able to get the item to review. I do feel bad for sellers when that happens, because it's out of our (and their) control!
  • Thanks for explaining that lydiamb I wasn't aware that Amazon was the ones who make an item an add on. Good to know for future reference.
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