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Do Amazon buyers feel that the reviews are written by professional reviewers are bogus?

Hi Everyone

I just signed up and started using Amazon Review Club yesterday. I noticed every Amazon reviewers reveals or disclose "I received this item in exchange for my unbiased review." Some products are just having so many reviews written by Amazon reviewers in a row. If I were a buyer and saw these reviews in a product, I would feel this product is not trusted worthy. How can we prevent buyers feel that way and building more reviews?
Any thought is welcome.

Thank you


  • For some people certainly. But it's in Amazon's rules so you HAVE to put it in there.
    I think that a lot of sellers use a review promotion as a boost to get an item started, and hope that the sales, searches, and reviews will give them a boost of natural sales - these natural sales will bring in some organic reviews, and over time, the item will look more naturally popular. Without a starting boost, many items will just never get off the ground.

    As a reviewer all you can do is be honest, provide pics of you actually using the item not just the item in it's wrapping, don't be overly gushing/fake sounding even if the sellers would sometimes prefer that and if an item sucks don't sellout and give it 5 stars just because it was free. Hopefully you are helping the sellers get that boost they need to get the product out there and then it will pick up reviews from paid customers as well which will give future buyers more confidence.
  • As a buyer, I don't take them seriously for the most part. I think the goal of it is what @Christy brings up. I did recently buy something from Snagshout after reading the reviews on it. A couple of them answered a question that I would have asked about them.
  • For example, (sorry, I don't know how to shorten it)
    As a buyer, I would not buy this product cuz I keep seeing "received at discount to test and review " every review. I believe if we abuse boosting reviews like this, eventually buyers will catch up.

  • Consumers need to know that any review they see in print or media is going to have been provided by a company in exchange from that review. What they need to do is read the actual content of the review to see how it stands and not just the disclaimer.
  • @everboots for future anything that goes after the ASIN which is the number that looks like this "B014G7RTF6" can always be deleted for shortening amazon links :)

  • Christy said:

    @everboots for future anything that goes after the ASIN which is the number that looks like this "B014G7RTF6" can always be deleted for shortening amazon links :)

    Thank you for tips. I'm very new to any kind of forum. I apologize if there is any inappropriate action.
  • I dont think these type of reviews are a long-term strategy. Sellers usually just want a good 50 or so to get the ball rolling, and that is how it should be used. You can use an email service to get more organic reviews over time.

    Some consumers are catching on, but it seems most dont care as long as they recognize from the listing that the product has value. Many consumers are more critical the more complex or expensive the product is though.
  • As a buyer very aware that reviews with disclaimers *might* be a little more glowing than usual, I'd be more cautious. I've seen the BS automatic five stars from people that barely opened the package. But I also know I'm 100% honest about pros and cons and I know most of us who take this seriously are as well.

    Now ....please realize that some buyers are reading reviews. But a lot of online shoppers barely read the title, let alone the description, heaven forbid the reviews. There are going to be tons of people who just click your product because it has more stars/more reviews than the other in the search results, and never read said reviews. How do I know this? Long-time non-Amazon online seller. My product TITLES usually say "free gift wrapping." What's my most common comment during checkout? "Do you offer gift wrapping and how much is it?"
  • I actually love seeing the disclaimer. I usually click on the person's profile if they have a well written review and see how they talk about other things. My favorite category is hair and people who actually know what to say about hair products have led to me some of my favorite brands. It's pretty obvious when someone isn't using the hair products or doesn't have the right kind of hair... but that's just me.
  • When I buy something from amazon at full price I don't read the reviews. I just look at the number of stars and read the description. HOWEVER, if a product ONLY has all 5 star reviews, then I would start to think it was suspicious. Nothing, even the best and coolest name brand items have only 5 stars. So sellers shouldn't freak out if their product gets a few 3 or 4 star reviews.
    If I am buying a very expensive item I will actually go and read one or two reviews from EVERY star rating. From 1-5 so I can see a wide range of opinions.
    For some things it's the 1 star reviews that sell me on the product. Books, Movies, Music etc. That kind of thing is very subjective, so something that one person might hate could very well be my cup of tea. :smiley:
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