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WIth only 61 reviews how does one attain => 144 Number 1 rankings?

So this particular product I'm researching has about 144 Number 1 rankings and about 1400 keyword organic ranking postions in amazon. All this with under 61 reviews!

I'm still getting my head around amazon seo.

I understand giveaway superURL batches with several rotating headtail keywords help with ranking for headtail kw's but this particular product has over 144 number 1 rankings.. how is this done with under 61 reviews?



  • The actual number of reviews doesn't matter, the sales + keyword optimization is what creates rankings.

    Lots of sellers think that review number is all that matters, when really it's not all that important other than a way for your customers to know if a product is worth buying or not.
  • Travis,

    OK, so if your logic is right - then how would I make sure to rank my product for 150 kws and over 1000 other long-tails (pages 2-20) that I've seen some products do?

    Lets assume I've got a list of them from keywordinspector/merchantwords...

    And I've max'd out the title, description, bullets (on-page fields)
    And the internal keyword fields on the inside...

    I was under the impression that superURLs and conversion are needed to send the signals to amz servers.. IF I have only 3-5 reviews with very little "keyword-encoded" conversions.. then how is this done?

    BTW, thanks for this great service.
  • Sell a TON of the product. Seriously that is what he said.

    Bottom line Amazon wants to make money. The more they make on a product the higher up they will push it in the rankings for keywords.
  • Am I right in assuming. This particular seller can shift a ton of product without the need for giving away vouchers for reviews etc..So the very low feedback amounts are due to the very real fact that most people who buy any product without a service like this will NOT leave a review off their own back..
  • I do think this particular seller IS IN FACT selling a shyt-ton of product.


    1. (4) Buyer Video Reviews are "Voted most-helpful" are ranking on the detail page at the top above all the other reviews...
    2. Product photography is better than most..
    3. Very good bundle

    I think the Rank'd video reviews are doing alot of heavy lifting.

    -- What is the safest way to get these votes for the reviews?

    Is AMZ-Tracker community useful for this particular task?

  • easy way to find out if they are selling. See how many they have on hand now and then recheck every day.

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