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Using keywords effectively

Hey there,

Is there any documentation that explains how AMZ tracker works? I don't see how I can fully exploit its use as a tool without fundamentally understanding how it works and I can't find this information on the site.

For example - when AMZ tracker provides keywords for a competitor ASIN, how do I know those keywords are pertinent? How do I know if they are using them in PPC? How do I interpret the results to bet effect?

My understanding of the system is:

-I add in competitor ASINs and get the system to generate keywords based on the listing.
-I add those keyword plus any others to my own ASIN.
-AMZ tracker then monitors traffic to those ASINs based on the keywords entered.
-AMZ tracker provides ranking information for those keywords based on search traffic.

I have no idea in reality how to interpret the results I get on the rankings as I don't understand the fundamentals of the system that obtains them.

I would very much appreciate any guidance on this because I don't feel that I am currently getting the most from the system.

Many thanks,



  • SammySammy ✭✭
    edited October 2015
    You're question is a bit confusing -

    Amztracker just shows where you rank in amazon search rankings for the chosen keywords.
    It doesn't monitor any traffic to listings - no one can tell you this except amazon and they don't disclose it except for your own product listing. (you might be referring to the number under the keywords in Amztracker?)

    This is an estimate of Google Searches per month, to give you some idea of the search volume for the keywords you are tracking so you can have a better idea which keywords to target.

    AMZ tracker provides ranking information for those keywords based on search traffic. - I have no idea what you mean by 'based on search traffic'.
    Amz tracker just monitors where you RANK in the Amazon search results listings after searching for a particular keyword.

    You can use this data how you want. For example if you sell blue mens leather shoes you may want to try rank for 'blue mens leather shoes'

    With Amztracker you can see where you rank, track your progress, see what tactics causes your rankings to go up and down, see where your biggest competitors rank for this keyword etc.

    Hope that helped
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