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Sellers you need to check your emails, especially the ones you provide for reviewers.

For the second time in about a week I had to give a product I reviewed a low rating. (One a 3 star and another a One star). The 3 Star Item was missing a featured item displayed in the listing and the second was broken and unusable. Both times I have emailed the contact email given detailing the problem and who I am and received no response after 48 hours in business days.

I'm here to give honest reviews and if you're trying to improve your business treating reviewers/customers with silence isn't a good way. Just because I was lucky enough to get chosen (Which I'm always beyond appreciative for), my responsibility is to provide honest reviews. Yes it's more work for you as I'm not a paying customer but I'm one of the tools you have to get customers and my experience is theirs.

Sorry I just had to vent and explain why if potential vendors look at my profile and want to skip over me because they may see 1 star reviews why those reviews are there.
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