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Slickdeals And the Ranking Problems.

Hello, buddies, I'm new here.

These days we have launched some giveaway promotions on AMZ tracker, but we have just doing it for two or three days at the moment, we are expecting to to see great success by the help of AMZ tracker.
And currently, we are facing some other problems.

On the one hand, we are running giveaway promotions on AMZ Tracker and on the other hand, we are doing promotions on

1.Frankly speaking, we are a seller team on Amazon and (FBA)we post a thread on
Those two products are iPhone cases, but they are different colors.
By the help of that thread, the sales amount was increased to 340, meanwhile, the ranking of it was improved too. However, what's awkward is that slickdeals can just boost the sales very quickly, but it can't maintain it. The thread was disappeared from hot deals as time flies and the ranking has dropped soon. The ranking of one product even became more worse than before.
And what bugged us is that IT IS HARD TO MAINTAIN THE RANKING BY SLICKDEALS PROMOTION? This problem really sucks.

2.In addition, my colleague said that we have bound KEY WORDS with the Super URLs, however, it seems no use.Those two Super URLs were intended to improve the searching amount of that KEY WORDS, but it didn't. This is extremely odd. What caused this?

3.Conversion problem. Is that the ranking is kept or improved by HIGH CONVERSION RATE in a PERIOD of time instead of HIGH CONVERSION RATE in ONE DAY?

These above questions really troubled us, is here anybody who has experience in it? We are expecting to see your opinion and suggestions about this.

Thanks in advance, we really appreciate your help.
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