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2 questions concerning the review club

edited November 2015 in General
Hello sellers

I'm new here and I have few questions if you can help

1 - Based on your experience, what's the % of reviewers that end up buying the product and not reviewing the item.
2 - How long on average should I be waiting till the buyer gives a review
3 - In case the buyer (from review club) does not end up reviewing the item, am I advised to contact him?
4 - In case the reviewer leaves a review but doesn't state that he got the item as discounted, is it advised to contact him (via amazon seller interface) to remind him to add that notification (in order not to get that reivew removed later)?

Thank you for your help


  • Hey Michel,

    1) It ranges from the lowest of about 55% up to 80% at its current rates.

    2) Many within 2 weeks, some can take up to a month if they're being bad.

    3) No, the system handles reminders automatically.

    4) I don't think you can actually reach them via Amazon. The interface doesn't allow you to identify reviewers names.

  • Hi Travis,
    on 3), the "system" you are referring to is Amazon? or AmzTracker/AmzReviewClub?
  • @dugu
    I guess he meant on the AmzTracker/AmzReviewClub since they already have their email.

    But, If I know the name of the buyer who bought with a discount but did not review, is it wrong to contact him through Amazon reminding him for an unbiased review?
  • Currently only 45% to 20% are leaving reviews? Are there any strategies or guides to help get closer to the 45% than the 20%.
  • As a reviewer who always leaves reviews is the % number of people leaving reviews taking into account those of us who write reviews but can't submit that we did on AMZ because the item disappeared in our approved list?
  • Hi @mikeomo where are you getting your stats from if you do not mind my asking? @Travis_Jamison reports 55-80% and Im finding that much more accurate. Last bunch of coupons I gave out I'm at about 50% people left reviews but its very early days yet.. I expect a few more.

  • AS a Reviewer, I cannot understand why folks are not leaving reviews. I am very grateful for the opportunity to receive highly discounted and even free items to review.
  • Well i can not understand that too, but it seems there is quite a handful of them.
    Up until now, I'm close to 50% review rate.
  • I get e-mails sometimes. I don't know if sellers have to generate them, but I usually get them for things that are a 10 day system etc and I want to get through the whole system before reviewing. However, I have 450+ reviews done already and they get done as soon as I can be sure I have fully tested. Usually things are done within 2-5 days... if it's a beauty product people may be waiting a week or a little more for their review. It takes that long to find out if it will break me out etc.
  • I am a reviewer and I always always leave reviews. I can not fantom not leaving reviews for a product I received. So this topic surprised me.
    I will say, i may not notify people that asks me through my email if i have lost their email but they still get reviewed. And on here we have that great I reviewed this button which makes my life so much easier.

    As a reviewer i would give sellers the following advice. Make sure they got your CORRECT email. I have found sometimes sellers emails comes back to me.
    Also, you will be amazed how many sellers that ask me for reviews personally end up in the junk box. I now read it same as my inbox. (if you use this club you do not have to worry about that)

    I think also if you use the bbc function it will hide the fact you have sent it to a million other people. It does not hurt to use it,us reviewers likes to feel special to.

    Do not ask us to do video reviews of items that are not special. If it is a high dollar item, I am happy to review it with video. But for myself. It takes me about 4 hours til i am satisified with my video editing. I review at least 5-20 products a day some days. The ups man loves me.

    Also, many many times I really want something and the code does not work,and sellers email is not good. That now has wasted my time and the sellers efforts.
    Just a few things from my side of the table that Sellers needs to think about.
  • I also thought the percentage is low. But deeper analysis puts it above 50% for us. The reviewers may be slow at reviewing, and not close to 100%, but that is natural, which is good.
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