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FBA vs FBM for keyword ranking

Does it matter wether the item is sold via FBM or FBA in terms of affecting the ranking of the keyword. Does one hold more weight than the other?


  • ^^^ Great question.
  • Kinda...

    So, If a product is given away for free and it is FBM, then it does NOT help keyword rankings. This is to combat all the fake purchases and fake box shipping that was happening before (high tech black hat stuff that you shouldn't do)

    Every other scenario doesn't matter.

    But... FBA products will 9/10 always have better keyword rankings in Amazon simply because FBA sells on average of 30% more than FBM. There are so many PRIME users out there that will only buy FBA products (to get the free shipping). Since sells are more or less the #1 ranking factor it will always win out.

    It shouldn't matter for the Review Club, BUT many reviewers don't want to order products unless they are FBA anyway. Maybe if you provided free shipping it would be cool, but in general FBA is just better for everything unless you have a really really cheap product or super tiny profit margins.
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