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Blatant knock off of AMZ Review Trader

edited November 2015 in General

Hey Everyone,
Travis here. I'm editing this thread for everyone. TrueOpinion is NOT a bad site. I know the owner, and we actually do some business with them. Nothing to worry about there they are just a normal site promoting products.

IreviewHome on the other hand is a scam site ripping off AMZ review Trader. Even Reddit called them out.

Thanks for the heads up though! I really appreciate everyone looking out for us!
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  • ok so the site almost works now, but it's still a chinese knock off.
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  • CharlieCharlie
    edited November 2015
    Yep, there is another one too.
  • AliKatAliKat
    edited November 2015
    Charlie said:

    Yep, there is another one too.

    Very interesting... I looked at the source code of all 3 sites (AMZ,ireviewhome &) AMZ & ireviewhome are practically identical, while trueopinion differs quite a bit, but has the same structure. What is also interesting is that ireviewhome was registered in September 2015, just 2 months ago, by someone in California, yet the 404 page for that site is in Chinese.

    trueopinion has chinese all throughout the rendered html/css (mostly in comments)

    I bet that ireviewhome has something to do with the recent security breaches. AMZ was likely hacked and their source code stolen. Could be a huge can of worms.
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  • has been online for many months, but was recently redesigned.

    I joined when they launched earlier this year. The previous incarnation of the site didn't work very well, so I am glad to see it redesigned.

    It is owned by the electronics manufacturer, DBPower. DBPower is a very large company and often offers their items on AMZReviewTrader as well as through other methods. I've reviewed a number of their items and they are usually very well made. They are based in Shenzhen, China and part of a much larger company. I have had many pleasant email exchanges with them. I have never ordered anything on, because they usually offer me better deals via email.

    The main DBPower website is here:

    I really don't believe is a phishing site.
  • Ah well thanks for shedding light on that. No it's definitely not a phishing site, I realized that after but I can't edit my original post.
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  • TrueOpinion is a legit site. Nothing to worry about.

    The other site mentioned in the thread (ireviewhome) obviously is a scam
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