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Some Codes Working Other Not Working

edited October 2015 in AMZ Tracker Tools
I am using the 1 time codes and each time I create a group of codes I test one of them before I post the others against my listing. So on one promo I have sold at least 10 items in the last few days. But I had one lady reply that the code didn't work. So I went into my AMZTracker listing promo and copied the last code in the list assuming that it would work for her, or else I assumed that she has an issue with how she is trying to use the code. And in the back of my mind I was thinking that the possibility exists that she just wanted to get more than one item so she asked for a new code. But that code didn't work for her either. So I personally tested both codes and neither worked. Then I went into AMZTracker and copied the last code in my list again and tested and it didn't work. My assumption was that the codes are being removed from the "active list" once they are assigned? If this is not the case how can I know which codes are still good? It is software so I assumed that if it works 1 time then it should work for everyone. Now I am confused. As a SW Engineer I have implemented 1 time code distribution on my Facebook landing pages. So I tag a code once it is used so I can't be reused. I assume you guys are doing something similar. Any insight into what I can or should do would be helpful. So far I am really happy to the response to my 3 promos, but need to figure this out so I am not creating support issues for myself or you guys. Just for understanding, are reviewers able to request more than one code from the same account? Have a great day!


  • We have done many promos on products and it is very often that a code generated by Amazon does not work. People sent in screenshots - code not accepted. The other two possibilities are a) you have variations e.g. colors and the code was generated only for one variation, while buyer wants to get something else (that happened); b) Buyer adds product to cart, applies discount - the credit goes to the cart... then the order is not completed... they come back and use the code again and it gets rejected... while next to the credit card radio button they have "use avaialbe credit" which was aleady applied... not much you can do here... just generate more codes.


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