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Buy X get Y % OFF - any advice?

Hi all.

I am looking for advice on promotions for our FBA products. I see many promotions running for buy $X get Y % off or buy X units, get Y units free etc. I know how to set those up in promotions. My question to anyone doing this is it worth it? Do you get a lot of use on these? Any recommendations on the discount? Will e.g. 10% off be sufficient incentive to get upsells? We have a lot of products and going over all products, looking at profitability and grouping relevant products for the discounts is not a small project... I just want to see if it is worth it.

FYI, I am showing 10,000 orders in last 30 days and each order gets an email from us with a 10% off code + request for review/feedback. I am showing literally ZERO uses for the promotion with 10% off for repeat buyers...



P.S. @Sammy - as always, I appreciate your valuable input. Thank you.
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