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★ Unicorn Smasher ★ - A New Amazon Product Research Tool

AMZTrackerAMZTracker admin
edited November 2015 in AMZ Tracker Tools
Amazon Product Research

Hey Everyone,
I'm stoked to show you today our new Amazon tool that we've been working on. It's a 100% free Amazon product research tool called Unicorn Smasher (yeah we actually called it Unicorn Smasher).

Product Overview

Unicorn Smasher is a simple to use Chrome extension. While browsing on Amazon you can now easily get the following information:
  • Sales estimates on any product (Revenue estimates)
  • Quickly see the number of reviews in a niche
  • Easily see the canonical URLs on products
  • See the number of variations (child products)
  • A super handy dashboard where you can save all your products
  • and a bunch more
  • Oh yeah, and did I mention it was free?

Here's a quick video overview

If you're ready to get started you can download it here.




  • I downloaded and used Unicorn Smasher today... and WOW.... where have you been all my life? :) Thank you @Travis_Jamison and team... cuts through bullshit like knife through butter... creates a very clear picture of the market... Did I mention WOW?
  • Curious... How do you come up with sales estimate? I checked my own products and the estimate on Unicorn Smasher is 1/4 of the actual number
  • Hi. I have been using the smasher. It is really cool. One question- I can't seem to get data on ebook sales. Why is that?
  • AMZTrackerAMZTracker admin
    edited December 2015

    Amazon product research tool

    @constantine We just took all of the bulk data from the products that are being tracked in AMZ Tracker and applied a formula to it all. If you have specific products that are way off please let us know! Certain categories we had less data on. This is version 1 of the research tool, so I'm sure it will continue to improve quickly over time.

    @supersups6868 We can't track ebook sales, as it's not possible for us to see how much inventory is in stock on a digital item.

  • I paid around $67 for a similar tool a while back. All I can say is great value and Kudos for giving it away to your members!! I love it and use it over the other tool most of the time
  • I was curious as to what is the period of time, Unicorn smasher stats was relative to? 30 days period?
  • Is the support for kingdom) and .de(germany) coming anytime soon, any approximate dates?
  • Absolutely amazing tool I reviewed it at my site. Thanks for the good work!!!
    Ecommerce and Amazon Consultant
    Now working in my side project, an Amazon software directory
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