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Amazon Vendor Central vs. Seller Central for captive product

Hi fellow sellers,

I am selling my own product on Amazon. It is a supplement and I am doing pretty well. I don't have any buy box issues because I own the product.

I was recently invited to sell straight to Amazon vs. selling as a 3rd party. Do you all think this is a good move? I have been reading online and it looks like the two big drawbacks are the lack of price control (less important for me because the product is captive) and the fees. Is there a unit volume lift though? Any other thoughts?


  • Jeremy,

    Does the ability to advertise items via Seller Central, which appears to have much better campaign options currently, drive much of an increase in volume for most items in your experience?

    We are on Vendor Central and looking to go the other way, to FBA. Some of the pros/cons (margin, etc.) are obvious, but some things like advertising opportunities and whether or not Amazon prefers items they are selling direct in the rankings, are not so clear. I'd be curious to hear what you feel are the biggest reasons your clients are happier through FBA.
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