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What is best email software for me to use as a affiliate

I am an reviewer who is also a aaffiliate for here. What software do you recommend that i can use to easily mail the many sellers i have on my email easily?Doing it manually is a pain./


  • robwiserobwise
    edited January 2016
    Hi Lisa,

    I’ve personally used Get Response and Mail Chimp and found them both to be great.

    Get Response:

    Get Response is a really good email automation software that you can use for affiliate marketing and sending bulk emails out to a mailing list.

    You can set up emails to send out after a certain time, eg. after 1 day, 3 days, 1 week etc. after sign up. You can also set emails to send out after different actions eg. opened, not opened, clicked etc.

    A list of Get Response features is here:

    There’s a 30 day free trial and a video course included on email marketing and building an email list which is worthwhile.

    Mail Chimp:

    Mail Chimp is an alternative to this if you’re looking for something cheaper that is still effective.

    A list of Mail Chimp features is here:

    Mail Chimp is very popular and is free for under 2,000 subscribers and less than 12,000 emails a month.

    You can upload your email list into either of them so you don’t have to type all of the emails manually again.

    Feel free to contact me if you have any issues getting your existing mail list into get response or mail chimp or you have any other questions.
  • edited January 2016
    Hi Lisa,

    In my opinion Get Response is really easy and great to use I really recommend it. I use it in combination with AWeber though, which I found is very easy to use and it is very handy.
    You can set it up right away, what does not take long. It is widely used among internet marketers and comes with a great support (

    Like Mail Chimp it can be easily linked to Get Response.

    All best to your success!
    AMZ Tracker Staff Member
  • Hi Lisa,

    In my opinion Get Response is really easy and great to use I really recommend it.

    Pardon me I confused it with LeadPages. I am using LeadPages together with Aweber, which is very easy to use:
    Find here a tutorial:
    AMZ Tracker Staff Member
  • Thank you both.
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