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Sales pattern through December

Hey guys,

Ococho here.

I am currently a FBA seller. During the weeks of Thanksgiving and Blackfriday, my sales easily tripled. Then I ran out of inventory.

After receiving the products from my supplier on the first week of December, I sent the products in and they are stocked again (though Amazon says they will be available in 3 days). So the customers can purchase the product, but they would be shipped after 3 days.

Now my sales are returning to the normal rate of pre-Thanksgiving.

My questions are...

1. Do sales slow down after Blackfriday and start picking back up as Christmas approaches?


2. Is my sales down not because of the regular pattern that everyone experiences, but because I ran out of inventory and had to re-stock?

Thanks guys!


  • edited January 2017
    Two things here:

    1) "Seasonal sales" really depends upon your niche(s). Christmas present style goods will sell like crazy right now, while a multi-vitamin might not change at all.

    2) Assuming you own your own products line, then the sales are probably down because your rankings dropped from being out of stock. Look in your AMZ Tracker account to see where your products rank for their keywords. If they dropped, then use the Vipon to boost the rankings back up (more sales = higher rankings)
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