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New layout on Amazon user profiles.

Has that affected ART at all? I noticed ARAT isn't working for me now. Was wondering if this change has an impact on sellers seeing profiles. etc..


  • Also, it seems all the users are having that "This customer has chosen to hide some activity" tag. I'm aware that some customer might chose to hide some of their activities, but when EVERYBODY's page has that tag, it makes wonder what's going on here? Have any other sellers seeing the same thing lately?
  • Amazon is just changing the layout. It will cause some temporary problems with what we display in the review club. :/
  • Yes, this change has broken ARAT and Mediapps. There's a whole lot of talk about this -- hundreds of posts -- in the Amazon Top Reviewers Forum. Most of us really dislike the new profile format because there's so much less information visible now.
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