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What is the Ranking for and what do the Keywords do? Which number is good to have a 1 or a 25? Do I need to put them separate in amazon?
Please answer, Im new to this program.


  • SammySammy ✭✭
    edited May 2015
    You realise you've signed up to use an Amazon keyword rank tracking software right? It's like buying a tennis ball then asking what is tennis and what is a ball.
    But I'll have a crack....

    Shoppers on Amazon find products to purchase mainly by using the search bar. They type words into this search bar.
    Sellers, naturally want their products to be found by the people searching for (looking to buy) the particular product they are selling

    A 'keyword' is referring to the particular word (or string of words) people are using when they type into this search bar.
    A 'keyword' in this context could be one word like 'hats' or 'xbox' or TV'. It could also be multiple words like 'red spandex pants' or 'large double ended dildo'

    If you are selling a large double ended dildo for example - you would want your product listing to show up as highly in the Amazon search results as possible when someone searches for the words 'large double ended dildo' This would get your product in front of the people who are searching for it.

    'Ranking' for a 'keyword', means where in Amazon's search results your product listing is shown after someone searches for that 'keyword'.
    Still with me?

    Obviously if you want to sell your product more - you want your product listing to be 'ranking' at the top after that 'keyword' search.
    More eyeballs on your product will generally mean more sales. So a ranking of '1' means you are at the top of the search results for that keyword. While a ranking of 25 means you are on the second page, and your product listing won't get seen by as many people, and will generally have far less sales.

    You will need to have your keywords in your Amazon listing, yes - the Title and Bullet Points are essential. The description I'm not 100% sure if Amazon uses the keywords here.
    You also want to enter the keywords into the 'search terms' box when you edit your Amazon listing. This tells amazon what keywords your product is about.

    Now - even if you do all that and use your keywords correctly - you may still never show up highly in the amazon rankings - as there's 100's of sellers competing with you, Amazon wants the product that is converting more searchers into customers to 'rank' in the top spots.
    This means happy shoppers, and more money for Amazon if they turn a searcher into a buyer in as little time as possible..

    Hope that helped
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