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Boost Your Christmas Sales With Promo's

AMZTrackerAMZTracker admin
edited December 2015 in General
Could your Amazon listing use a bump in sales to help reach your Christmas sales targets?

Worry not! We’ve got you covered.

Why not run a last minute promotion to our amazing review club?

With less than two weeks until Christmas day, it’s not too late to get an extra boost for your listing and make some more sales. Our reviewers are eagerly awaiting for more great review club deals.

How do we know this? We asked them and they told us what they wanted! More on that soon.

And while the reviews might not come in before they start opening all those presents, the added boost to your sales from a review club promotion will help to increase your rankings including your BSR (best seller rank).

Watch the magic happen as the review club sales boost your full price sales.

That’s right! Running a promotion is not just about reviews, actually the most powerful part of the review club is the the high sales volume during the promotion. This is what really jumps you up the rankings and boosts your BSR.

The review is the cherry on top.

Of course the reviews will still come in, but maybe a little later than normal while our reviewers are busy with the holiday activities.

This isn’t a bad thing either.

Staggering reviews helps to make them more authentic, and shows Amazon that the reviewer did indeed test your product before writing up their review. And even if a few forget, don’t worry! In all honesty the best thing they did for you was the sale, and therefore heavy lifting is already done.

All of these extra sales and reviews will help to boost your listing for the next peak sales period - New Year Sales! The sales have helped boost your rankings and the reviews are providing that valuable social proof the buyers like to see so much.

It’s what we like to call a win-win!

So, what did our reviewers say they wanted to see MORE of?

Everything from toys (of course!), to cleaning products, to food baskets, and even linen/towels! They want storage solutions and home accessories, as well as stuff for their furry kids. Don’t leave out the pets!

The reviewers are also asking for more gadgets, and electronics. But also more hands on stuff like art supplies and real books. Makeup, brushes, oil diffusers and soaps were asked for too. All clothing for all ages and sizes!

A Quadcopter was requested too but we’ll let santa know about that one.

So, how many products should you offer to the review club to make this strategy work?
Well, it’s hard to say. If you’re in a super competitive niche, then the more the better. But not every category is like this. Even giving out 10 codes a day for a few days can dramatically help to boost your rankings in Amazon.

So there you have it. A great way to boost your sales and hit those Christmas targets!

If you have already run a pre-Christmas promotion, how did it go?
Or let us know how you are gearing up for the January sales?

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