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Price 40~100 $ with low sales, good profit or Price 5~40 , low profit high sales.

I am new o FBA, just selling out my earlier first FBA inventry. I realized not much profit. I want to know from experienced seller's opinion. Hope will get good response.

Kindly let me help to select one of following. :

1: Price 40~100, with 100% to 150% profit , but low sales, not much competition, easy to stand with good marketing.
2: Price 5~40, with normal 30%-40% profit, High sales, too much completion, very tough to stand even good marketing also.

As a beginner on FBA, which kind of method is successful ?

Advance Thanks for your valuable feed back.



  • Personally I would go with option #1, the amount of work you need to put into both to get them set up is about the same, therefore you would like to see more return from one product. By making one sale from option #1, you will not only get more profit, but the benefit from getting a review and being able to market that will help you much more than one sale from option #2.
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