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I can't rank my product and competitors just jump to page one with crappy BSR and stay there.

This is somewhat of a complex problem.

I'm not new to this. I have a really successful private label amazon biz and have ranked my products for some super competitive keywords in the sports and outdoors category. Every product we've released under this brand we've ranked on page 1 in a matter of days.

I have another Amazon biz with some other partners in the supplement space and I can't rank my products for the highly competitive terms for the life of me.

Two competitors in this space recently jumped to the top 3 spaces with 0 reviews and the BSR has been terrible now for months yet they someone hold on to that spot. They don't do PPC. I'm thinking they are doing some kind of black hat trick.

We have 6 skus in this product line. For the less competitive keywords we've ranked page one no problem.

For the super competitive keywords I haven't been able to get past page 6 for the one sku we are trying right now. This sku started on page 109 and we've been targeting a particular keyword hard and have only been able to get to page 6 and now it's dropped down again to page 8 (no mans land) The really weird thing is our other products (they are all in the same niche) rank almost as well for this keyword and we haven't done any keyword targeting. It almost makes me think there is something wrong with the listing. My questions are as follows:

1. Could there be something wrong with the listing? If so what could it be? I've already checked title length and we made some changes to our keywords today to see if it might help)

2. What are my competitors doing to get to the top and stay there with little sales and reviews- black hat? If so what is it they do?

3. Why are my other products ranking nearly as well without any keyword targeting. Again it seems like the listing is being penalized in some way (right from the beginning). My other products ranked anywhere from page 60-80 for this keyword right when we launched and this sku was on page 109.

What I've done so far:

Given away a bunch of products both having people search for it organically until they find it as well as super urls. Also done several blasts varying it from all one day to dripping it over a few days time.

I've also had people buy it at full price by searching for it organically, scrolling through 50-100 pages before they find mine and then purchasing it without a coupon.

I'm stumped and don't know what else I could do. Any insight would be appreciated.


  • Tough to say with out looking at it. Feel free to PM me your product name and I'll hop in and take a look.
  • I have exactly the same problem. It is almost one year as I am in this business and have to say I am doing quit good. But more I learn and more i try different things I see that ranking in amazon just doesn't make any sense at all.. one of my products has bsr1000 in sports and outdoors and its almost one year as I am trying to rank it higher then page 3 for my main keyword. Though other sellers with 40 000bsr is standing higher then I am.

    During the last year I think i gave away around 1000units.. with super URL, without super URL.. tried all kind of URLs.. But it just wont rank...

    As Scott_Thomas said it just feels like something is wrong with the listing it self. I have contacted amazon support few times, unfortunately they couldn't do anything:/ it just feels devastating when I see other people ranking so easy for competitive keywords and staying there though they barely sell anything at all..

    It just looks like you have to keep adding new products until you will get lucky and one of them will rank easily.. i really don't have any other explanation...

    It just feels like we are missing something here.

    I would really appreciate any advise from master Travis.
  • @Travis_Jamison I didn't see your reply until now. PM sent. Thanks!
  • @Scott Thomas " in the supplement space and I can't rank my products for the highly competitive terms for the life of me." - Haven't seen your listing but I think this is partly the issue. Would be curious if Travis checked out the listing for anything obvious.

    Never heard of a manual penalty but I'm sure they exist to an extent. You sound like you know what you're doing so obviously something is wrong. After dealing with Amazon seller support my honest opinion would be Amazon simply fucks up on a regular basis.

    Maybe they are testing algorithm changes and screwing it up in the process. I'd assume there's certain things that trigger something not to rank. Maybe not a penalty - but I've ran into countless algorithm induced stuff on Amazon that triggers some problem. Often for no reason.

    I have noticed some weirdness in rankings lately.
    In general they seem far more consolidated with certain brands in my niche. I think getting ranked for competitive terms gets exponentially harder every month due to the amount of new sellers using the same techniques..

    I've reached a point of diminishing returns in terms of ROI with promo's for competitive stuff - but they 100% helped me get ranked in the first place. I'm still getting results following basic on-page optimisation taught on amztracker and having products that sell with repeat customers.

    Weird stuff I'm seeing:

    - One brand getting 5 spots on the first page for a competitive KW (100k+ google searches) - including selling identical products - a 16oz and a 1lb as separate products, both ranking in top 5.
    - Some newcomers on first page with no sales / shitty BSR. Above mentioned brand's identical product has ~20 reviews, 1800 bsr. Not terrible but a long way behind the leaders.
    - Pages aren't optimised to any great extent - at least in the way I know it.

    These sellers aren't doing many if any reviews/giveaways at all, no recent changes in bsr, shitty images, some with no seller account history.

    I've always heard it's 'sales sales sales' that matters but there's clearly other factors. I'm sure there's tons of grey/black hat seo stuff that isn't discussed here. Would love to find this forum ;)
  • @Scott Thomas I would love to know how you were able to get your private label products approved. I know thats a bit off topic here but wonder if your success with private label products is because they're private labeled? (Also, I havent been able to get my application approved and cant get answers as to why. Each submission they give me a different reason that makes no sense) Help!
  • They use white hat mathod to rank product.
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