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Stupid question re: Amazon Affiliate Program

I used to run Google Product Listing Ads on my own site, but found over time that the time and effort put into the site is not proportional to the minimal results... Basically with 18% conversion on Amazon and 1-3% conversion on traffic from Google PLA... and Amazon store sales to site sales ration being 100 to 1, it is not worth my time getting people to buy on our websites. Holiday season being busy, I virtually gave up on the site and paused all advertising campaigns, as they were basically losing money.

... But we do have brands and those brands do need a face, so we do need a site for each brand... My idea is to convert our Magento site into an Amazon Affiliate site, so that any traffic gets redirected to our Amazon store... We get a kickback from Amazon on any sales of our own products... Makes sense? Basically "buy" button on the website goes to Amazon listings...

But what if the link on "buy" button includes the Super URL... So any traffic from the site to Amazon listing also gives a keyword rank boost? Is there a downside to this? I mean this is not bullshit traffic, it is people who came to the website with the purpose of buying a product... Amazon ads credibility and increases conversion...

The stupid part of my question: can a keyword be incorporated into Affiliate Link? As in can I both make commission from sales AND increase KW rank? Will this bite me in the ass?

@Travis_Jamison and @Sammy: what do you say?




  • Constantine - the answer to your question is yes you can incorporate a keyword into an Amazon Associates URL - as I have been doing for nearly a year. No it won't bite you in the ass and you'll potentially get a boost in KW rank - as well as the affiliate commission.


    - Anthony.
  • @constantine
    I'm not familiar with the rules but I thought it was a big no go to be an affiliate for your own products from what I've read..
  • edited January 2016
    Yo @constantine
    I'm 100% not sure on the rules here in regards to using an affiliate link. I've heard both people say it's completely fine, and like Sammy I've also heard that it's a no-no. You know better than I I'm sure.

    But... you can add an affiliate tag to Supers. You can even do it with the AMZ Tracker super url if you want.
    AMZ Tracker super urls

    I do like your idea though. Like you, I think that my brands need "a face", so each brand has its own website. I change out the buy-buttons on the site (wordpress) to point directly to my Amazon listings using super urls.

    If nothing else, having this type of conversion rate has to really help rankings (assuming that conversion rate even matters)
  • Thanks, guys. I will try to do it with an affiliate link via AMZ Super URL - Worst case scenario, I will lose affiliate on the one site... which I really don't care about... :)
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