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Still looking for a perfect sales analytics and inventory management tool

Hi all.

This is not relevant to most sellers, but it is to me. We have some 200 SKUs and that number is rising. I need a tool that would analyze our sales, compare profitability, point out where we should focus. Something that could help us isolate promotions out of the equation would be nice... Basically, I need something with structured, visually understandable data on per ASIN/SKU basis... The software I tested and passed on: Inventory Lab, Teika Metrics, Terra Peak and a few others. None are perfect... Inventory Lab seemed closest to what I wanted, but not 100% it.

The inventory management solution is also lacking. We ship in container loads. Product gets unloaded into 3PL warehouse and from there we ship to FBA on as needed basis. I cannot send all of the stuff to Amazon right away for several reasons: storage fees, requirement to ship to multiple FBA locations etc. So I have been looking for a multiple warehousing inventory management app... I tried Inventory Lab, RestockPro, couple of others I do not recall... We ended up using Trade Gecko, but it is failing us miserably now, so need to move on again... just don't know what to...

If anyone has any advice for sales analytics or inventory management with multiple warehouse location support (our 3PL being #1 and FBA being #2), I would like to hear your thoughts.

Thank you
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