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Changing product name but keeping reviews?

Hey Guys,

Wondering if anyone knows the answer to this. Tried searching amazon forums and google but couldn't find a solid answer - say you have a supplement called "super fat loss x" and you have built up 500 reviews, if you wish to rename the product "lean machine" is it against amazons TOS to change the product name without creating a new listing?

Keep in mind the formula would be the same and the UPC code. The goal here is to keep all of the reviews and not have to start from scratch when renaming a product. Thanks guys!


  • Many of the reviews have the original product name in the review content. So it may cause confusion - but I would rather not have to start from scratch when the product is the same, just a different name.
  • I'm almost certain that you can change the name all you want. It's the same as just changing what the title says on the listing.
    I would expect that all Amazon cares about is the ASIN and UPC
  • Thanks for the feedback @Travis_Jamison

    That's what I'm thinking - I'll report back if there ends up being any issues.
  • Reviews go exclusively with ASIN... if you manage to change the title, the reviews will come with it... It needs to go through Seller Support though - in most cases the title will not change, if it is radically different... Another issue I faced was that if you want an SEO rich title that is rather long, they often do not like it and will ask you to simplify... while when the listing is originally created, you can do whatever you want (within character limit)... Anyone found a way around this?
  • The best way to get a title change is with a product feed. It works most of the time, 100% if you own it so if you are doing PL, you should not have any issues doing that.
  • gobiggobig
    edited May 2015
    The technical aspect of changing the title (of your own product) is easy, you just do it.

    My concern was setting off a red flag due to a huge amount of reviews being like "Apple-X was awesome!!" but now the product is called "Orange-X" and even though the UPC & ASIN are the same and the product is the same, the product name used in the old reviews ultimately don't match the name of the product. As new reviews roll in it shouldn't be an issue.

    I ended up emailing in to ask Amazon, and they said to go ahead and just change the title. You could email in 10 times and get 10 different responses, but at least I have it in writing that I was given the OK to do so.
  • Thought I would contribute here as no one has yet mentioned Brand Registry.

    If it is your own product that you are selling, push for brand registry. It is a simple application that once you're accepted your product feeds take priority over that of Amazon's algorithm.

    (Speaking from experience selling on Amazon's algorithm is to display what it thinks is the most appropriate title on the PDP (product detail page) that is being fed through from multiple sellers selling that item. Brand Registry means that no matter what other sellers say, your title will be given priority over all other sellers.

    Alternatively, if you just try change it by using Edit Product in Amazon, it is possible that Amazon's existing catalogue data it holds will will appear more relevant and thus kick out/disregard your change. Which gets very messy!

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