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Reviewer Rating System Question

In my opinion certain items can require a lengthy review, such as technology or items with lots of features. But some items like screen protectors and cases don't. 250 words for A+ seems high for me and I've had sellers requesting a minimum character limit. As a regular amazon purchaser and reviewer (not from amz), I find that if a review is forcibly long and paid for I'm less likely to believe it. I'll look to the non-paid reviews too. A phrase I have grown up with springs to mind "Quality Over Quantity".

So what do actual sellers think of requesting minimum word counts and basing the rating system on the length of a review?

(Reviewer Question)


  • I don't know about the sellers but I go with a basic rule of thumb... I don't write a review that I would not bother to read. In my experience, no one organically writes a 300 word review of a product unless they hated it. I write a paragraph. What I liked, what I disliked and why. End of story.

    I have a good ranking and a decent number of helpful votes so I'm sticking with the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." school of thought.
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