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does anyone sending products to FBA canada ?

I am currently selling on and I am interested in selling in Canada using FBA
looking for some tips on how to ship to FBA Canada, about customs and ......

Thanks in advance


  • I am in Canada. I sell on .com successfully with about 200 SKUs all FBA. I tried to sell on .CA and it was a total disaster.

    Here is why:

    1. Shipping to .COM FBA is chea while to FBA .CA is 5-10x more (Canadian shipping rates are super expensive).
    2. Even though Canadian population is 10% of USA population, the sales are not even 1% of .com sales.
    3. FBA fees in Canada are massive... but a large margin... You can't sell a $9.99 item as fees will eat you alive.
    4. The effort vs reward is simply not worth it...

    Part of the "test" batch I sent out to Canada is still sitting there, even though I never changed the prices while Canadian dollar tanked... So 30% cheaper prices and still no results... It is total crap. Stay away.

    Just my honest opinion.

  • completely agree. i love Canada but Amazon market here suck. We tried to market products here and on first page they barely sell. I know few people who were successful but they are few in between and quite frankly they were a lot more successful in US. Plus, like Constantine said, FBA/Shipment fees are insane and you get weak Canadian dollars for your product that convert crappy.
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