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reviews deleted

Naomi RJNaomi RJ
edited January 2016 in General
I am hoping some of you may be able to offer up ideas or contacts on how to handle this.
My account with Amazon has been opened since 1999. Upwards of 90% of my reviews were on items I purchased directly from Amazon and not a third party merchant.
The past 6 months I have started reviewing items here on AMZ. Whenever I review a product, I always include a disclosure at the end of my review.
This morning I went to write a few reviews on Amazon and noticed items showing up in my reviews page that I had already reviewed.
I then click on the "reviews written by me" link and every single review I have ever written (1,827 reviews) were all deleted.
No warning, email, nothing from Amazon. I emailed review appeals at Amazon but, they haven't responded. I tried calling directly but, Amazon CS says they don't have phone back there. Ok??
Any suggestions. This is just obscene to me. Why would they do this?


  • I found the reviews on our mainly review-traded products have about 9% of the reviews removed. I get the feeling that Amazon is not happy about the trend of review-trading
  • Why would they remove all my reviews though? Product reviews of purchased items directly from Amazon? The worst is, they won't even say why. The majority of my purchases are not at a discount. I can't imagine this is good for business for both Amazon merchants and/or Amazon itself. To say you don't trust your customer who has been with you for 16 years and spent tens of thousands of dollars over these years with you, and not even say why. Pretty ballsy.
    I personally am self employed but, all my business is local since, I work in healthcare. However, if my trust and success had to be put in the hands of a corporation who didn't honor it's long time customers ...I'd be questioning why I was doing business with them. This is not good for merchants.
    I'm hoping this gets fixed. If not, my dollars will be spent elsewhere which is sad for those small businesses on Amazon. Eventually others will do the same if they keep up this type of customer service.
  • Another 2 reviews got removed. Is there anyone else seeing this trend?
  • About how many reviews did you do every month?

    What kinds of products did you review?

    How many supplements, if any, did you review? A lot? (I'm asking because I noticed a lot of Top Reviewers who got their reviews deleted had tons of supplement reviews. This seems to be a huge problem category for some reason.)

    Did you ever review more than 2 products from the same seller within a short period of time (say less than a month)?

    You said you had 1,827 reviews. About how many of those were for products from coupon clubs in general? Half, quarter, etc. About how many were from AMZReviewTrader and ReviewKick?

    Sorry for all the questions. I'm asking this to everyone I see who got their accounts purged. I'm trying to see if we can pin down what exactly is causing Amazon to go after reviewers.

    I don't think Amazon will ever tell us why they're deleting reviews. They never share anything regarding their algorithms, which sucks. The best we can do is to survey and guess.

    As for getting your reviews back, I don't think there's much you can do :/ You just have to wait it out and see if review appeals gets back to you. They usually respond within a few US business days.
  • I noticed a big competitor in my niche (not supplements) recently got 2000 reviews removed - hasn't happened to anyone else in my niche, but I'm a bit concerned
  • Can someone explain what's going on. Are give aways done ? super urls ? Clarity please .
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