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Protecting a Product Listing

I have had several of our listings hijacked by sellers who have just copied our product and then sat alongside ours reaping the benefit of all the reviews and other promo work I have done. We have managed to get them removed and threatened them with legal action. I was told by a Seller Central rep that if I was Brand Registered then I could restrict my brand to listings made only on my account and I thought this would be the end of it. However, I have called up Seller Central after having been accepted for the Brand Registry and been told that I cannot just impose a restriction.

How is everyone protecting their listings? It seems open to abuse. Do I have to check all the time to make sure my listings have not been hijacked? Thanks.


  • I was told that applying for brand registry helps, as it gives you power over your listings as far as editing goes, as well as to kick off hijackers etc. It is a pain in the ass, but usually wrongful sellers that use your listing do remove themselves fairly quickly. I have applied for brand registry and will see how it works soon.
  • Thanks!
    Jeremy said:

    Frustration Free Packaging - Package product and get frustration free packaging designation for a product. A seller would have to copy our packaging and send it in for approval for FFP which will be checked against the existing FFP registration and our understanding is they would be prevented from FFP registration.

    Are you saying that they would be prevented from FFP registration because their packaging does not have your trademark on or just because it's different to yours? Would this work using unbranded packaging?


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