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Sponsored Products Issues

We have been spending on average $300 a day on sponsored products. About a week ago, a few of our campaigns just stopped showing up on the first page. I am not sure what the issue is nor is seller support being helpful. The impressions dropped from thousands a day to barely 50. Has anyone experienced the same issues?

There hasn't been any changes to the listings or campaigns.


  • Yep same here. It seems to be only affecting some campaigns. Seller Support is worthless. They just said they changed the algorithm and I needed to use broad match which I tried and it still didn't work.
  • I tried broad, exact, phrase... Nothing... Case is open for weeks already!
  • Yeah I'm seeing this also on one campaign.

    Was spending at least $200/day on this campaign for months and it was converting well. All of a sudden in the last week CPC's increased dramatically, and now it barely generates any impressions. I could bid $50 per kw and it still won't generate the impressions, weird.
  • Confirmed, they changed their algorithms...
  • I noticed that ACOS went up from my usual 8-12% all the way to 20+% starting January this year... Could this be a push for higher Amazon profitability? : )
  • There was a algo change 2.feb and 11.feb i think, Lots of seller reporting huuge drop in impressions. As far as i know this has only affected broad and exact match campaigns .
  • Amazon Responded With:
    “We acknowledge the fact that the change in Match Type has impacted our sellers campaigns (both auto and manual).
    Because some advertisers experienced a larger than expected change in traffic, we are actively evaluating the results of this change and taking the necessary steps to remedy the situation. There is no action required to be taken from your end for this issue.
    Is everyones ACOS still worse? Or has it recovered some?
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