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What is too much?

I have been seeing sellers doing 300-500 "honest reviews" how many do you give away at a discount? What is excessive?


  • By honest you mean verified Right? has a badge. discounted products being excessive #s seems like noone knows or is saying your welcome to open coms with the head rule makers and ask I would LOVEEEEEE to know what the hell excessive means too ! I see people doing 5 a day and getting by and some doing 50+ <I say that is risking your account IMO based on new rules *just my opinion though. No help i know. Looks like most people doing discounted reviews in 2015 have stopped. side note I still see a few doing them though.
  • Travis ? your thoughts :)
  • Ebay platform works amazing on getting verified customers feedback and rating IF ONLY Amz could work that way there would be no need for all this stress ,guessing and B.S. Ebay platform rules on feedback! Amz gets what like 90% of all comsumers never leave feedback and the ones that are SURE too are pissed over something stupid :( Your LUCKY as hell to get a 10% good verified feedback rate it seems.Crazy!
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