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Anyone else here attended Prosper Show in Salt Lake City, Utah?

I just came back from the Prosper Show which was pretty amazing for me.
It would make less sense for small sellers or sellers with small number of products listed, but there were many smart sellers out there and a few great software solutions that I was impressed with and will test out.

My short list is:

Skubana for inventory management and profit tracking (supports 3PL warehouse + FBA synching) for inventory planning and restocking (gives you a super accurate inventory forcasting and takes into consideration things like restocking time, time item was sold, sales velocity, profitability etc)... If it works as they said it does, this thing pays for itself even if you have one fast selling item...)

FeedVisor for algorithmic repricing... What's different here is that they have a) optimal sales velocity repricing, so an algorithm will figure out your optimal sale price for a product quantity vs price (for higher profit) and b) restocking date based repricing - you have X units and sell Y per month and you will be getting more stock in Z days... so price is adjusted to slow down sales and increase profit with the restocking date in mind... The only trouble is that this package is 2,500 per month + 0.25 of your sales, which means you better have some sales to support this...

Just curious if anyone else was there and what your highlights were...




  • @Constantine Thanks for this. looks particularly interesting. Did they give any idea of pricing? I can't see any mention of it on their site.

    I also saw on one of your previous posts that you were asking about software that could separate real sales from promos. This is making inventory control difficult for us. Did you see any solutions to this?

  • @superstar Hey, I am signing up with SKUbana for inventory control... they are specifically good for what we do, which involves 3pl inventory storage and FBA sales... They have per SKU profitability, inventory control and many analytical tools... It is pricey at about $1,300 per month based on our order volume, but we need something like this with the number of SKUs we have... sounds amazing... I signed up for a trial and pricing is also based on orders and it is $50-200 per month... Unfortunately it does not handle 3PL, but if you are 100% FBA, it is awesome... it will tell you algorithmicly what to order and when based on sales voluem, lead time, stock out time and profitability... If I was one of the people who sends product direct to FBA with no stop overs, this would be WOW.

    Nothing takes promos into consideration as far as inventory forecasts go, but FeedVisor apparently takes this into consideration when it comes to repricing...

    I was however able to figure out the cost of promotions etc, as our accountant downloads accounting reports from seller central, so we have a complete picture...
  • @constantine Really appreciate this. I've requested an invite for Big thanks.
  • I can say that the guy who made (Jeremy) is a super solid dude.
  • I like the idea of and I communicated with Jeremy... The only questions is whether this is can work for our business model... I may end up paying for something more expensive, only because it would be a one time stop for inventory management, planing, profitability etc... But if it can work for us, I would love to use it...
  • glad to help out, @superstar

    I am also flying to Las Vegas for Rapid Rush Event this Friday-Sunday... It may be fluff, but I was advised by another seller who says she gets a lot of useful marketing information out of this... These guys branched out of ASM crowd... Not a huge expense and I enjoy networking with other sellers... I do not like ASM's "kumbaya" blue sky mentality, but this does not mean there is nothing to learn from this...
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