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Unicorn Smasher Question

Hey all...

Just getting my head around Unicorn smasher..Watched a few vids on youtube and related vids. I can see the power but trying to get my head around the best way to use it.

I have been selling on Amazon for around 6 months, loving it, but wanting a much more targeted method of sourcing our products. Does anyone have a video of them doing a product search real time explaining their process?

eg.. Higher the best seller & rank low reviews.. is that good. I'm overthinking the process, I know it! Would love some insight on the best way to analyze the stats.

Thanks guys.

Amazon FBA is awesome, just looking to take it to the next level.



  • In general, to know if there is demand, I would check the av sales volume of the 1st 5 products. If they are all above 300 (and added together, they are over 1000) then there is demand and the product is selling.

    Next, I would access if there is anyone completely dominating a market - there are 2 red flags to look out for: 1) is if there is an anomaly of reviews e.g the top guy has 1000 reviews, the next 4 products are below 200. or 2) anomaly of sales e.g top guy is doing 1000 est sales and the rest are below 200. This tells me that the top guy would be hard to compete with so may not be worth pursuing.

    I think for everyone though, criteria may be different since everyone has different goals.

    For me, I want to make $100 profit a day selling a product. I could break this down into 10 sales per day x $10.

    So using unicorn smasher, I would look for products that have a sales estimate of at least 300, have an average sale price of $20-30 and av. reviews no more than 500 which tells me there is room to sell.

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