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Giving away free products no longer improves product ranking

Hi all.

I know this is a review site, but many sellers rely on big giveaways to 'feed' Amazon's algorithm and improve the rankings for products.

I have been doing big, 100% free giveaways for a long time, and always saw very good results (page one rankings for competitive terms). I launched a new product recently, gave away nearly 200 units through Amazon, and ten days later I have not seen any ranking improvements at all. It is not possible to find the product on Amazon through the main keyword (it's probably on page 50, or something). It has horrible rankings for all secondary keywords as well. In spite of its growing review profile, it struggles to sell as it doesn't rank for a single keyword.

I am pretty certain that something has changed. I'm guessing that Amazon has changed its algorithm so that 100% discounted sales no longer affect rankings in any way at all.

Interested to know if anyone else has experienced this.


  • It's been that way for a long time if the units were Fulfilled by Merchant only.

    If you're doing FBA and still not seeing results then I recommend checking the listing out to make sure your title isn't over the character limit. It sounds like you might have a rankings-block for the listing for being over.
  • Hi, Travis. Thanks for responding.

    The listing is under the character limit. All units were Fulfilled by Amazon. I cannot find any other explanation - I believe that Amazon has also stopped FBA products ranking with free giveaways.
  • Rob_BRob_B
    edited March 2016
    Last I heard, you need to keep it at least $1. Though that's kind of the "word on the street" and nothing I can verify. This is unfortunate because most reviewers expect complete freebies, which doesn't seem feasible on the long-term. But it seems that freebie-derived reviews may be getting targeted. I've also heard something along the lines of Amazon decreasing review standing and removing "verified review" from reviews derived from purchases beyond a certain % off.
  • Hey Duckman, I'm curious did you use a super url?
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