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Super URLs

So has anyone been suspended due to using super URLs?

Also how many are too many?

Essentially super URLs are a manipulation tactic and we are absolutely able to be suspended by using them, so does anyone have any advice for using them?
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    No one has ever been suspended for using a super url. The rules are grey in this area, and pretty much every seller and their brother has used them. I do definitely recommend only doing what you feel comfortable with though. No one is completely certain if super urls work still or not (I hear heated discussions from both sides).
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    It would make sense that they do work as they incorporate the all of the parameters into the URI so technically I can't see all that many other relevancy factors that Amazon would be able to use.

    I imagine that they will use alternative methods, such as continually monitoring URI string formation and exclude certain patterns which reoccur based on how each service generates the URI. Or they may exclude keyword strings from particular referral sources, such as Snagshout etc, therefore essentially giving less weight to conversions which have come from a particular review site.

    I have seen some discussions highlighting that they have noticed a greater incremental keyword raking increases by implementing their own URLs which they have generated and given out via alternative methods, but I didn't get into it as there are too many variables not accounted for, such as competitiveness, sales velocity compared with competitors and I can't imagine that their data-sets were statistically valid enough to make such strong claims.

    Yeah I am aware that this is a grey area, that's why I was raising it. Amazon state excess reviews, so I was hoping that possibly someone would volunteer their any info that they have based on experience.
    SEO & PPC Specialist - New To Amazon SEO.
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