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Selling low priced products through FBA

HI all,
I have a series of 6 children's educational games to seel through FBA on all 5 European Amazon sites. These are new products and do not currently exist in Amazon's catalogue. I have exclusivity on these so i guess it's safe to view these as private label.
Each game should typically retail at around 9.99 Euro. Considering FBA charges and EFN fees, Sales commissions etc, i can get up to 70% of selling price just to Amazon which obviously doesn't work. I am considering listing these as bundles of 3 games for 29.99 euro-( 2 separate bundles each with 3 unique titles) , which is entitled to free shipping in most cases which will bring the cost of selling into a workable proportion.
My question is, does anyone have any better suggestions on how to handle these listings? Do i just list 2 bundle titles of 3 different games without individual listings? As you know, each listing requires work and money to optimize, review and promote but on the other hand there will be no option for anyone to buy a single title if they want to.
Your input and advice prior to creating the listings is much appreciated.
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