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Amazon Policy warning

edited April 2016 in General
Has anyone else got this? what do we do here?


We understand that you may have manipulated some product reviews. Sellers on are not allowed to manipulate ratings, feedback, or reviews.

Violations of our policies may also violate state and federal laws, including the Federal Trade Commission Act. In order to maintain customer trust and provide the best possible shopping experience, Amazon investigates sellers, vendors, and others that attempt to manipulate reviews and third parties that offer reviews in exchange for compensation. Any further violations may result in removal of your Amazon privileges or other enforcement action.

To learn more about this policy, search for "Prohibited Seller Activities and Actions" in Seller Central Help and see our Anti-Manipulation Policy for Customer Reviews (

To talk to someone about this email, you can ask our Seller Support team to contact you (


Seller Performance Team


  • hoperrhoperr
    edited March 2016
    How many products were given away?
    How many reviews your product received and in what time frame?
    Are those only Amztracker... reviews or did you use other reviews.. services as well?

    You don't need to respond to that policy warning. Its just that now you gotta be extra careful with reviews as the second warning of the same type can be the last one.
  • Sorry to hear about this. Can you provide more details? How many give aways? What time frame? Only AMZtracker or did you use other services?
  • It seems it has something to do with putting our email / phone number in comments for negative reviews left for products. Will keep you posted

    We do 500+ promos a day strictly through AMZ
  • Thanks for the feedback. Are you using super urls or just a plain old link to your product listing?
  • Super URL but it seems it isnt helping rankings the way it used to
  • I can confirm that 100% giveaways for FBA products no longer has any impact on ranking, super URLs or not. It is only useful for acquiring reviews. It is probably not worth doing now, especially as Amazon seems to consider it 'manipulation'.
  • SammySammy ✭✭
    "It seems it has something to do with putting our email / phone number in comments for negative reviews left for products. "

    If your directing people away from Amazon this is way more likely to be the problem - I'd be far more worried about this kind of stuff. Especially if you're email has your company domain in the reply.
  • I can hear from many sellers that promos no longer help with ranking... I hear others say that they do... We took a breather while waiting for new product shipments... Can anyone confirm either way if promotions help or not? @Sammy ? @Travis_Jamison ?
  • SammySammy ✭✭
    edited March 2016
    @constantine No Idea honestly - haven't used them in a while.

    I still see brands launch at lightning speed in competitive categories using nothing but promo's and ranking for very competitive terms 100% from the promo's + giveaways.

    So my hunch is yes they still work from a few observations like that.

    Probably not as well as before. Whether from a change in Amazon or because everyone is using them...

    I also see new products rank when they seem to go against every bit of advice preached, have no sales, few reviews, no seller history. So obviously there must be tons of factors that I'm not aware of.
  • Yeah Sammy, those product with few reviews and horrible BSRS that remain glued to top rankings for months and months have me dumbfounded as well.
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