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New product launch with pre-buyers/audience expected

I have a question about using Super URL's now with the policy changes and it's vagueness. We have a new product in production and will be sent to amazon for FBA that will be endorsed/promoted by a fitness icon. We have received a lot of communication from a large audience asking when it will become available so we anticipate an immediate influx of sales when it becomes available. We wanted to start on amazon to give the product a boost. For this, no promo's will be required. However, we are not sure if we should direct them to the listing via a Super URL in light of the latest Amazon buzz about boosting rankings.

Thoughts on this anyone? If you were to list a new ASIN expecting immediate high volume sales at first, would you avoid using a Super URL? But again, no Promo's associated with first influx of sales.

Any opinions welcomed :)


  • So called super url.. does not work, moreover you risk getting a policy violation warning when using it. So why use it :)
  • i've recently sent a couple hundred promos out using a superURL and there was zero movement in rankings.
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