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What is currently the best way to rank using the review club?

Hi all,

I did a giveaway last week for 100 units and gave them all away during one day (this was a large volume for my keyword as I am in the UK). I was already page 1 at around position 12 so I have decent sales anyway but wanted to give it a boost. I used the superurl and gave the product free and then the next day my rank for the targeted keyword dropped by 2 places to 14 and has been there ever since (about 10 days).

From what I can see I was penalised for that giveaway and doing a bit of reading around Reddit and forums it looks like the superurl + free giveaways are no longer effective and in fact can be detrimental as was the case with mine.

I have read that the giveaway has to be at least £1/$1 and that you should get the user to manually search for the keyword instead of using a superurl. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I know they have definitely made some back end changes, as not too long ago in the UK they stopped making reviews verified for my giveaways, so it makes sense to me that they also aren't counting towards ranking as much.

What is everyone's experience recently? What is proven still working for ranking keywords with the review club?

Thanks :)


  • I had the same issue, tried the 1 and manual search same issue but some other keywords have climbed but not the ones Im targeting
  • Drip out your giveaways. I still don't quite know why people give them all away at once, because as soon as the velocity of the giveaways slows down then the rankings tend to drop a couple of spots for a bit. Velocity and consistency is important.

    Drip them out, don't give them away for 100% off and you'll be fine. I personally don't even bother with super urls or manual searches anymore. Just a straight link.
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    @Travis_Jamison thanks for the tips however I have been doing some each day. For instance I normally sell about 5 a day of the product I'm doing this for. For the last 3 days, giving for £1 and manually searching for the keyword I have given 30 out to the review club. This is 6x the normal volume I do on this product and it hasn't moved at all for the keyword I'm targeting.

    How long does it normally take you to start seeing the keywords move?

    Now that it has to be under a 50% discount to get a verified review perhaps it is the same case as well for them to count it for ranking?

    Thanks bud I hope we can figure this out!

    P.s. I moved from position 25 in my sub category to position 6 so I was definitely outselling the others. Big bsr spike but 0 effect on targeted keywords :(
  • @Jezza are you thinking giveaways no longer count towards rankings?
  • @fbaseller1
    There have been changes, but it's tough to pin-point exactly what they are right now.

    1) They DO definitely still count towards rankings. This is without question as long as the product cost something. The talk on the street is "free" may or may not bring the same results. I cannot say either way as I haven't personally tested free in a long time, it's just what I've seen chatter about.

    2) I personally wouldn't try and get too technical with the analysis of "giving x amount away over x days compared to...". It works just keep doing it. The algorithm does weird things all the times. Ranking delays, boosts, short drops, etc. In the end sales will always improve rankings, so just concentrate on that.

    3) Star ratings. Not completely certain about the connection right now. Non-verified (i.e. most promo giveaways) do still count towards the star rating of a product, but it looks like verified reviews count more towards what the overall star rating is right now. This is a good thing IMO to keep people honest and keep them making quality products.
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