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Make Seller/reviewer Communication Remain on AMZ

I was wondering if there was a way to make seller/reviewer stay on amz rather than having to use an email? I keep getting to many sellers who's codes have not worked or their item is slightly different/not fba etc. But when you try using the email they provide they never reply. It's kind of annoying and probably reflects badly on my account seeing as I keep deleting so many approved items. So have like an inbox system on the site? Plus I imagine it would help amz monitor good & bad sellers & reviewers as well.


  • Had few issues with not working codes but conversation with reviewers over the email hasn't been a problem. Check your email settings maybe
  • It's not a problem with my email for sure. I've communicated with amz sellers via email before before and also via amazon (as a normal customer). It's just a bit of an irk, I've had two dud codes in two days and no replies from either seller. It also reflects badly on them as sellers to me in general.
  • I'm a reviewer that has had MANY codes not work, and I've ended up blacklisting, on my own, several repeat offender sellers. Of the nonworking codes I've received, I'd say that I only get responses back from about 30% of sellers to fix it. The rest of the time it ends up ignored and so I am not able to purchase the item, and have to report it to AMZ.

    I would also love for all communication to be in AMZ, so it can be tracked. I just had a seller (after having given a 3-star review for a poor quality product) offer to send me back my money if I'd improve my rating. Having all communication in AMZ, would hopefully mean that shady stuff like that couldn't happen, and they could deal with term-violating sellers like that directly.
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