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How do Amazon seller refunds work?

Anyone know the details of how this works? I get random emails from Amazon all the time saying they have initiated a refund for weird amounts.

For example today I received three notifications. One was a refund of $1.19 on an $80 product, another was $9.20 on a $35 product, and the final was a full refund on a $40 product.

How the heck are these calculated?


  • Hey Travis,

    I'm not quite sure about the full refund, but doesn't Amazon refund a price difference if an item they sell and ship goes down in price within seven days of your purchase? It doesn't really explain the full refund though.
  • I have read that often applying for a refund works. As in contacting Seller Support on a particular transaction and asking for a refund on that transaction. Amazon support located in India often grants it based on their internal rules... otherwise they use their own algorithm and you have no say at all. I had my support staff apply for this and get refunds in the past...
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