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Launch without super url

Has anyone had any launches without using a super url, rather a direct amazon link? I'm curious to see if you were able to rank organically, and was it a lot harder.


  • Was about to post a thread asking the same exact question.

  • Overall for most people it seems to be about the same. I know that Travis has tested it on his own products a lot with normal results.

    Basically just having "sales" is the main factor in the ranking algorithm. As long as the listing is optimized the rest takes care of itself.

    Below are the results from a ranking study of over 700,000 products on Amazon from Ripen Ecommerce. It pretty clearly shows that:
    1. Have a high sales rank (and from our experience I will add "have a high sales rank over time, not just a one-time spike")
    2. Have keyword optimized listings - exact match, longtails, etc.
    3. Use exact match in titles, and then all other relevant keywords in description, bullets
    4. Use FBA
    5. Don't only use FBM

    To generalize and make it extra simple, "MBM, BM and EM" in the chart represents keywords.
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