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What amazon TOS says

edited April 2016 in General
Hello everybody. Yeasterday I found this review about new Amazon rules.
How do you think, is it really important to give products only with discount less than 50%?
Today my first product will be able on Amazon, so I really confused about strategy for starting...
Help please. Thanks.


  • So what's the problem? They just collected all TOS information in one place. Who said that you have to give your products for more than 50% discount? For such discount you will only have reviewers that may be interested in your product...say you can catch 10 reviewers. For 90% discount you can get 50 reviewers. Free giveaways may interest 100 reviewers. So you are only the person setting up discount and playing with the strategy.
  • This is a well put together article that basically says what everyone already knows.
    1. Don't do shady stuff like ask for "positive" reviews, provide compensation (bribe) reviewers, etc
    2. Promotional product reviews need to be properly disclosed in the review
    3. Don't do negative reviews of competitors products. Same with family
    4. Don't abuse the system.
    TL;DR - Don't be shady :)
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