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Problem with super URL?

Hey guys I'm new here.
So I've been running ads lately and have been doing pretty decent sales, I made it to Page 2 on a really big key word so i decided to push give aways with a super url to try to hit first page...
Before my keyword rank was 25 and now it is 37 ive gone down! I'm barely on the third page! Although my over rank in sports and outdoors is under 6000 and my product is supposedly number 7 in my sub category.
Is there just a delay before I rank up or have I done something wrong?
I noticed because of my giveaways I'm doing sales without any actual sessions do you think that plays a part?
Please get back to me because I am getting really concerned


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    @Damian Yep that's normal. Plenty of times it will cause a dip before it shoots back up higher than it was before.

    No clue why, but it happens. Give it a few short days and it'll be better than it was to start :smile:
  • Oh alright thanks a bunch I was getting scared I broke something haha!
  • I noticed that it takes sometimes a week or so before results start coming in after a big giveaway/promo. I think it has something to do with Amazon's scripts and how they run... Their ranking for the multitude of products on the marketplace cannot be real time.... @Daimon how did you do after a week had passed? Improved?
  • SammySammy ✭✭
    edited May 2015
    I've noticed this too - delays or drops after doing a bigger giveaway when expecting to get on the first page

    Oddly - I've also noticed changing title/ bullets, takes effect almost immediately - within the day. I've tested by changing one word in a title and it works every time - I'll drop for any KW with that removed word and move up for the kw I I replace it with.

    Can see why everyone's teaching ppl to use the ultra kw spammed vomit looking titles - it's quick and works.. for now at least.
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