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When to Parent/Child and when to not?

Hello everyone! I'm a new user here and I've been working hard to get my AMZ Tracker account set up and tweaking all my products to maximize SEO. I'm excited to see there is a community here!

I have a question I haven't been able to find an answer to. Perhaps first I should quickly describe my business:

1. We manufacture and sell candles.
2. There are 2 main lines of candles: Moroccan and Chinese Tea Cups. Each line has 8 or 9 different SKUs, which have different colors and patterns. We sell in sets of 1, 2, or 6 (assortment). We also have an alternate "Citronella" scent for some of the candles.
3. We are currently listing everything on Prime and we are spending money on amazon advertising.
4. You can see our products and store here:

My question is this - what is the best way to set up the parent/child variations? If I only have 2 lines, Moroccan and Chinese, should I just have 2 listings with all the colors, scents, and quantity variations as children? Or is it best to have each SKU be a parent/child with just quantities as variations?

I see 2 big listings as being good for tracking, ranking with amazon, reviews (we don't have many reviews yet and if I could combine them together it would make a big difference), etc.

I see numerous listings by quantity as being good cause if you're looking at one of my product pages, there are lots of other options for amazon to advertise my other candles on the page (i.e. customers who viewed this also viewed, related products, etc)

Can someone help point me to the best way to categorize before I really start focusing hard on SEO and optimizing the listings?

Thanks so much!

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