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Website Down

Is the reviewer side of the website down again? It keeps telling you to log in and never logs you in.


  • Yes, I am having the same issue. The sellers can't get reviewers if we cannot sign in. This is happening with several people. :)
  • Its very frustrating how often this website is down and how we never receive a response from AMZ regarding the issues. I have a lot of review links to turn it.
  • I'm having the same issue. I log in as a reviewer. It tells me I've logged in. Then I try to review something. And it asks me to join or to log in. So I log in again. Again tells me I'm signed in. ... And on and on.

    Does anyone know where to click for tech support as a reviewer?

    This is the third time this has happened in the last two months. And I can't find any way to contact anyone about it.
  • AMZ does not respond to reviewer emails or messages. I think we are pretty much ignored on this board as well.
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    I am also here as a reviewer. Yes, it's very weird how Amz absolutely will not engage with the reviewers.
    If there is some reason why they won't or can't they should at least address that in an blog post or email. I imagine the site is growing faster than they can handle...
    Yeah, they recently posted a video about how to use the site and that is great! I was very happy to see the reviewers get some attention and the video was good.

    The major problem remains though, zero response from the Amz team regarding questions, complaints, problems, comments, etc. Not even any comments from admin on the few reviewer posts on this forum.

    I totally understand that Amz gains their revenue from the merchants. However, without the reviewers the merchants would disappear. Alas, no matter how you cut it, there will ALWAYS be more reviewers. So, at the end of the day, they can afford to focus solely on the merchants, leaving the reviewers to figure it our for ourselves.

    If any of the admins do read this, please feel free to contact me. I would gladly be a liaison between Amz and the reviewers, if that would help the situation at all.
  • Is very strange how they almost "look right through us" it's like we don't exist at all.
  • Well, when you really break it down, Amz is just a host for the merchants to reach reviewers, and gain some traction on Amazon. It's a great platform for getting into the Amazon market.

    With that in mind, no they really don't have to deal with the reviewers. I'm fine with that. I get it.

    The only problem is that on the reviewer side there aren't any answers to legitimate questions, questions that seem to come up over and over again. Just posting a FAQ on the reviewer side would mean all the difference in the world. Also, responding to emails is a no brainer.
  • Agreed
  • Another thought, the site seems to be down or lagging or having one bug or another, all the time lately.

    If this is due to growing pains, it might be prudent for Amz to put a membership cap on the reviewer side of the site. Only allow so many new members per (whatever) term.
  • Due to the fact that we are expendable I do not see that happening.
  • They are revamping some areas of the site. It'll take some time. Sites have to update to grow to be able to deal with the amount of traffic it incurs. Be patient, I'm sure the IT people are working like madmen to get it take care of. You'd be surprised how many updates Facebook does on the back end you never see. Imagine all the traffic they deal with.

    Give it time, they are working out the bugs. There are other sites out there like this, not as nice, but they are out there.
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    @Will Holland thank you. I think the biggest frustration for me and other reviewers is the complete lack of communication or even acknowledgment by the admins and tech support. They even disabled the option to post to their Facebook page. I am on other sites and receive a lot of offers directly via Amazon because of my rank but I owe reviews on products here and do not like to be late.
  • Sorry about this @QueenBeezBuzz @Charnita Morring-Fance @Will Holland @CaptainSkyhawk @seaside_beauty @EdC
    Basically the reviewer group side just grew WAY too fast that our hardware couldn't keep up. We have upgraded everything and finished up in the last couple of hours, all should be good now.
  • Oh and as for the lack of responses to the reviewers,
    Unfortunately we get about 1 new support request every single minute! So I'm sure since the reviewers are not actually paying any money we can't get to them all. It's just insane. I wish we could get to them all, but we have to do what works in bulk.
  • @Travis_Jamison

    Thank for the response!
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    @Travis_Jamison thank you for the response. Can I make a suggestion? I think if you posted something on the AMZ Facebook or a pop up on the website letting reviewers know that the website will be down for maintenance it would cut down on the support messages as well as frustration on all sides.
  • @Travis_Jamison it's never too late to give us an update :smile:
  • Would it be possible to have our own thread or section to report issues on the reviewers side of the site? Possibly communicate with the site devs a little easier.
  • @Will Holland that would be perfect.
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