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Press releases for Amazon traffic (rankings). Anyone doing it?

constantineconstantine ✭✭
edited November 2015 in General
ASM (Amazing Selling Machine) recommends and raves about using news release tools to generate traffic to your listings. Anyone doing this or has any experience with it? Any positive results? Generally speaking it does not seem like a "wow" idea, since that traffic (if any) from news releases would not convert and that could have a negative effect. People who read news are not in their shopping mode... but I may be wrong. Thoughts?


  • I was not in AMS but I am very interested in learn more about this. Thanks for sharing Constantine.
  • I was never on ASM, but I saw their videos... And they preach it hard... While ASM is a "blue sky" course, they do have some sound ideas... So this is worth checking out...
  • can you share the link constantine?
  • there is no link... it is many gigs of videos :)
  • but where are those videos? in which website?
  • their are not on a website... I bought and downloaded them...
  • Press releases can help some, but not that much at all except in very specific niches.

    Being an SEO'er, I've dealt with thousands of press releases (PR), and with a lot of them you can view the traffic that clicks them (somewhat). Generally speaking there isn't much to speak of.

    Two possible advantages:
    • Certain niches tend to rank "News" in the Google search results really highly. Google your keywords first to see if the news results show. IF they do, then you can more or less be at the top of the Google results for a day or two with each PR. In these cases it really helps for the PR to be titled something very click-bait-y.
    • Press releases do somewhat help with SEO rankings. So it you are trying to rank your actual Amazon page ON Google, then a PR can help some. It's not enough by any means to move it up to the top, but they do add some backlink value.
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