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The Amazon Review Club - Updated!

edited August 2015 in AMZ Tracker Tools

Hey! We are very happy to announce that our Amazon review groups have been an amazing success! Our product reviewers have been getting super awesome deals on great items, and our Amazon merchants have been getting the traction and reviews they need to boost sales to brand new highs.

If you're wanting to join up, please visit the following links

- To become an Amazon Reviewer Join Here
- To become an Amazon reviewer in the UK Join Here
- If you are an Amazon seller (merchant) looking to ethically boost your reviews and skyrocket your sales then please visit here.



Hey Guys & Gals,
Take a seat because

I know a lot of you have been patiently waiting for this announcement, so I'm happy to finally release to you our new Amazon Review Club (see all of the features and FAQ here).

We've created an easy way for our AMZ Tracker users to get what you need to rapidly gain traction in the Amazon search engine
1) Get real sales from real buyers to drive up your best seller rankings and velocity.
2) Force these sales to improve rankings for your keywords due to incorporation of our Super URL tool.
3) The easiest way to ethically get lots of reviews for your products in a short amount of time.

This is hands down the fastest way to rank high in Amazon

The Amazon Review Group solves the "chicken or the egg" problem in Amazon.
It's hard to get sales without reviews, and it's hard to get reviews without sales. Our Review Club solves this problem quickly and easily.

How it works:

1) Post your product with a nice discounted promo code on the "Amazon Review Group" tab in your seller dashboard.
2) Real, verified users are ready and eager to buy your product (only after you approve them)
3) You get real, QUALITY reviews for your product in no time
4) Sit back and watch your sales rapidly grow as a result
5) Update* The Amazon Review Club now utilizes single-use promo codes to avoid any problems with codes going viral :smiley:

This new feature is available for all "Basic" level AMZ Tracker users ( aka $50/m and up)
(if you are not at this level, you can upgrade in your "account settings" area in the user dashboard)

Here is the demo video to learn how to use it (or click here for the full Demo & FAQ)


(read the full FAQ here)

- Q: Does this work for non-US products?
- A: Not right now. The Review Club is only for the US store. Will add more in the future.

- Q: Does this work for Kindle books?
- A: It *can*, but it's not designed specifically for it. If you have a Kindle book that users might like to read then you can probably get some reviews, but if it's heavily niched down results might not be as good. These are real reviews.

- Q: Can I use one time (single use) promo codes?
- A: Yes! Thanks to your awesome feedback it now works with these! This is an awesome feature and we highly recommend it!

- Q: How long will it take to get the reviews?
- A: We request all reviewers to make sure and leave both a product review AND a seller review within 10 days maximum of receiving the product. We feel this is the best time frame. Not all at once, and not too spread out either.

- Q: Do you guarantee 100% of the users will leave a review?
- A: Nah. I wish we could, but these are NOT fake reviews. These are real people, but we usually see 90-95% of reviewers follow through as asked.

Note* We track ALL of our reviewers accounts to make sure they are holding up their end of the bargain. If not, we kick them out!

- Q: Is this within Amazons terms of service?
- A: Yep! See for yourself here. If you give it to them for free, they need to disclose it. We actually ask that reviewers mention this even if they don't get it for free, but you have the option for them to keep this private as well.



  • ErikErik admin
    edited March 2015
    Hey there @shatwo I understand you'd like to see the offer. BUT we would like to keep that specific link as private as possible per the request of other AMZ tracker members. This is a pretty public forum and sharing the reviewer facing site would just be unnecessarily sharing a lot of fellow AMZ tracker members products.

    But worry not my friend, the product offers look great, we have many products already listed, and our reviewers are hungry for more!

    If you would like to see what your product offer looks like or have any concerns with it please contact me directly at [email protected]
  • I have send voucher for the reviewers who has requested, however, now I couldn't find any way to track them. Can someone please help?
  • ErikErik admin
    edited March 2015
    Hey @ashishup we are working on a better way of tracking the vouchers you send out, in the mean time I recommend just taking note of the reviewers profile url before you send the voucher. I know not the most elegant method but we're working on it.

    @mary no problem let me see if I can help.
    The number of review requests really depends on how "popular" your product is and it's pricing. We have almost 1000 reviewers already and they are hungry for products. A very popular product that is let's say $1 can get several hundred requests in a few days. But a product that is either more expensive or very specific market will get less.

    You can ask the reviewers to use the code within a specific time period if you'd like. I think a 24 hour period is good, 5 hours may be too tight for people.

    We have added a field on the setup page for the promotion called "note to reviewer" here you can ask the reviewer to use the code and purchase within a specific time frame. I would recommend giving them notice, for example if you send the voucher codes on Tuesday with the note saying please purchase on Wednesday.

    Once you have collected a bunch of applicants you can approve them all at once, sending them coupon codes and ask that they purchase in the next x amount of hours or days.

    Hope that helps :)

  • ErikErik admin
    edited March 2015
    Hey @mary ask away :smile:
    1. You are Correct, as a AMZ tracker seller can do unlimited promos per month. As many of your products as you like and give as many voucher codes as you like.
    2. We do have some reviewers that do videos and pictures, we are working on setting up a way to easily find and choose these reviewers if you would like. As well as educate other reviewers on the benefits of doing higher quality reviews like you mentioned.
    3. Our reviewers LOVE $1 supplement offers, you will probably get hundreds of requests to review.
    4. We will be working on expanding to UK and other european countries soon, not sure on the exact timeline yet though. We have a lot of development ideas in the cue.

      I appreciate you asking all these questions here in the community where others can also benefit from the answers!
  • Awesome timing! Just about the launch our first 3 products. This was really well thought out, and addressed many issues that other review or blast services have for sellers. You just got me to upgrade to the $50.00 a month option.
  • How many keywords do you recommend we have in the Super Url with AMZ Tracker to get a good amount of BSR boost juice out of this giveaway part of your service?

    Is their anyway to give our staff access to limited amount of features in AMZ Tracker? (thinking about ensuring we do not giveaway products to the same people more than once, and how I would want an admin tracking this, as it would be time consuming.)
  • Hey @ds6154 there isn't a golden rule on the amount of keywords to use. If the niche is harder, use less keywords.

    As for limiting your staffs access, right now we don't have this functionality built in.

    For giving away products to the same people. For the most part this really isn't a big problem. You will have a repeat person here or there, BUT repeat sales are actually a great rankings boost for the algorithm. Amazon prefers to see repeat buyers, and they've even admitted it :smile:
  • "These are real people, but we usually see 90-95% of reviewers follow through as asked. Note* We track ALL of our reviewers accounts to make sure they are holding up their end of the bargain. If not, we kick them out!"

    That's a very high percentage - how exactly do you achieve that level of compliance?

    Awesome service by the way, and now you have one-time coupons integrated the only thing missing is tracking the reviews from the people who've redeemed coupons. :smile:

  • @jameswatson Right now because we track their accounts with our software to make sure they post reviews, we threaten (and will) kick them out if they are not leaving reviews. This boosts compliance and will thin the herd of any problem reviewers.
    We will continue to improve on this as well.

    @mary Currently there are not any guidelines. Algorithmically there is not a difference in the quality of the reviews. But... with that said I think you have some really good tips about incorporating some Reviewer best-practices and training. We will add this in for sure.

    Multiple purchases: It can exist, but overall it's not a big problem. Also, repeat purchases are one of the best ways to boost your rankings. Amazon loves to see repeat buyers, so this will actually work towards your advantage for moving up in the Amazon search engine.

    People reselling products: Yeah this will probably continue to happen, and there's nothing that can be done about it. It's SUCH a small issue though. To have someone resell one unit here or there just doesn't matter in the longterm, and is the price of doing this IMO.

    Different price points: It's impossible to say really. If you have a cool product that people would want to buy then I see no problem at a higher price-point. If the product isn't all that cool then I wouldn't expect as much

    ASM Discount? Talk to your program owners about a group deal and we can talk. Until then...

  • Hi guys, looking forward to trying the new feature. Quick question though, does the method you provide in the YouTube video for single use codes mean the codes are single use per Amazon customer, or once they're used once they become inactive for anyone? Just curious. Kudos on an awesome product all around.
  • @MrSamurai Glad to hear you like it! As for the single use promos, once they are used they become inactive.
  • What happens with variations when setting up a Super URL for your product to be reviewed? I have multiple pack sizes for a product that I'd like to take through the Review Club. If randomization of the pack sizes occurs through the super URL as do keywords, pricing discounts will be off for the larger pack sizes. The goal is to get reviews for the single pack size.

    1) does randomization to pack sizes occur through super urls?
    2) how can you remove or hide variations from the super URL?
    3) are there other ways to control for a single variation of a products with multiple variants?
  • @mary I love your input.
    These are some of the exact points we are trying to solve for amazon sellers with our review club. We want it to be easy, low cost, and easily manageable for our sellers to trade products for reviews.

    I'd like to hear any suggestions anyone has for improving the review club feature in AMZ tracker. I think we have checked most of your boxes already and hope to be a huge hit with Amazon sellers like yourself.
  • Hey @mary I think it would be best if you checked out our detailed page on this first. We cover and solve almost ALL of those points.
    1. Promo code leaking: No longer exists because we use single-use promo codes
    2. Review rate is high. Our software tracks the reviewers profiles. If the are not leaving reviews we kick them out.
    3. We use one time promo codes
    4. It's included in our $50/m plans. Along with everything else we offer. Although I would still argue that even our more expensive (and lesser quality) competitors can still definitely be worth it from an ROI perspective. I'm living proof.
    5. You can list it at whatever price you like. But the cheaper it is the more bites you will get obviously. No one wants to review something for a crappy discount.
    6. Our software tracks the reviewers profiles internally.
    7. It is Amazon TOS compliant.
    So... we beat all of those :smiley: I think anyone who has actually used the Review Club will agree that it's by far the best solution that has ever existed.

    @shatwo Not right now, but our system will be automatically following up with them, and booting them from the system if they don't follow through.

    @ejrooster I think in your case you added in "all parent and child products" together for your listing, so it will rotate them. It's a pain I know, but you'll need to delete the product from your tracking, and then add in each individual ASIN (parents and childs) in order to target them separately. So basically when adding them into AMZ Tracker just UN-check this box:
    Parent and child ASIN
  • My product will be on Amazon in 2 weeks, after it's up there, I'll purchase your service.

    The only issue for me is quality reviews.

    You guys should mention to your reviewers or have some kind of standard that reviews should be at least x amount of words.

    Another issue is review velocity.

    It would look weird if I had 50 reviews with the same date.

    Yes I could give out coupons in different times, but that would mess up my sales velocity.
  • @ejrooster You can create a new product with just the particular ASIN you want to send traffic to, as per @Travis_Jamison 's instructions. Set the SuperULR for this one and then use this product in the Review Club

    You don't have to delete the original product though.
  • Thanks for the responses, very helpful.
  • @Travis_Jamison how much additional traffic can I expect to my listing if I list the URL on the review offer page?

    I would like reviewers to be able to check out my images, but don't want to flood it with a lot of people who won't buy until they get a coupon code, thus hurting my conversion rate.

    Do you recommend not listing the URL?

    Also, how about a feature where AMZ Tracker scrapes all the text/images/reviews and puts them on its own servers for reviewers to check out so we don't have to send them to our listing until they are approved and ready to buy?

    Really loving your software! It's made being an Amazon Seller so much easier!
  • I've noticed one person come back and ask for another review coupon code for the same product I've already sent out. I guess its possible they didn't receive the first email.

    However if I wasn't tracking them manually (by listing all the profiles in a spreadsheet) I wouldn't have known this.

    Is there a way to prevent people from requesting the same coupon multiple times?
  • @matt By default the reviewers can actually NOT see your Amazon page until they request a review. I personally do not list the URL with my own products. It makes the conversion rate much better this way.

    @jameswatson Right now there is not a way to stop this (yet). Personally I think it's a good thing though. The amount of duplicate reviewers will in general be very low, and having someone purchase twice is a GREAT boost in the ranking algorithm.
    I see what you're getting at though. I'm sure we'll add this feature in soon enough to stop it if you want to.
  • Thanks Travis :)

    One quick usability request - could you make the 'show running listings only' checkbox persistent? I have to keep checking it again all the time after viewing or editing one of my offers, thanks a lot!
  • Hey @jameswatson that' a great idea, I'll see what we can do about the checkbox.
  • Hello is this review platform available on yet? Thanks
  • @Serena1985 Nope not yet. It will probably be around a month away right now.
  • Hi Travis,

    I have sent out about 10 coupons.. but until now no response, it have been about 7 days. Is there anyway to remind the buyer? Or easier way to ask for review.
  • Hey @jessica that's great you are using the review club and have sent out your coupons. We ask our reviewers to leave the review within 10 days of RECEIVING the product, so if you take into consideration shipping time it's around 2 weeks. And you also want them to leave a honest review after they have had some time to use the product. So I think you will be getting some reviews in soon. The reviewers do have your support email you provided in AMZtracker but may not need to contact you if the whole process goes smoothly, you may just see some new reviews pop up.

    Hope this helps.
  • What is the protocol for reviewers if they are unhappy with the product? Are they instructed to make contact first?
  • Yep. We use this exact phrase:
    "Many of these sellers are small businesses trying hard to succeed and they need your help! Please never leave a negative review without first contacting the seller to work out a solution."
  • Hey @shatwo I think that's a good idea. I'll see what we can do to get this integrated soon.
  • AnLy and Travis - thanks! Almost ready to go live. Dumb question, is your merchant ID the same as your Merchant Token?
  • @jameswatson Love the idea about persistent checkbox on the Amazon Review Club section. Loved it so much I've implemented it. Thanks so much for the suggestion!
  • SammySammy ✭✭
    I noticed I've had more promo redemptions than the amount of promo codes I've given out
    I see some reviewers are purchasing multiple units using the code - is there any way to stop this?
    I thought it was just 1 per customer, as I'm using the single use codes.

  • edited April 2015
    Hmmm... As far as I know that's not supposed to be possible using the "single use" codes unless Amazon itself had a mess up.

    Anyone have anything to add here? I haven't noticed this myself. @sammy
  • I've noticed a weird spike in a purchase today as well where one individual bought 15 units of my product on one order. This is strange and not the normal (because my product has very few reviews and little history of sales), but I did give out single use email vouchers just a day earlier. I will check tomorrow if this purchase is from an abuse of a promo code and will update.
  • SammySammy ✭✭
    Hey @Travis_Jamison will email you some more details

    I only gave out 17 single use coupons so far but at least 25 were used.
    Not a big deal, but I'm unsure if the extra's are going to 'reviewers', as I haven't approved them.

    I followed the how to make single use coupon vid exactly.. so not sure whats happened.

    One person purchased 3 of the item at once with the discount.

    I've noticed a few family members ordering to the same address with coupons, but again I'm unsure if they applied to review the item - is there a way inside Amazon to track which customer used which coupon?

    I followed the single use coupon vid exactly.. so not sure whats happened.

  • @sammy This sucks. It will help your rankings even more having repeat purchases, but still that's not the point. This shouldn't happen.
    I say go into your seller account and create new codes where it's set to "exclusive". This should not be happening, but if Amazon is letting them through then Amazon is letting them through and we unfortunately just have to deal with it.

    Hopefully setting them to exclusive will solve this problem.
  • UbanUban
    edited April 2015
    Hey @Travis_Jamison, I know you are probably getting bombarded, but that can be a good thing since it shows a lot of use of amztracker (it's the best amazon tool I've ever used). Question though...

    I have a few feature ideas but would like to start with the review club. I've sent up to 40 vouchers across 4 different products. 35 used since redeemed 10 days ago, only 3 reviews so far. It would be great if the system could track user profile's of those who redeemed your promotion. I'm sure it's a stretch to have it track if they posted a review, but if it at least tracked the user who redeemed, it would be a lot easier on our end to manage future redemption requests so we aren't approving those who never leave reviews.

    When does the amazon review club send emails to those redeemers who haven't posted a review yet?

  • @Uban Thanks for the kind words!
    The system actually does track if they have left a review or not after the receive a promo code. It cannot however tell if they actually used the promo code, simply because Amazon keeps that info private.

    We start hassling the reviewers on day 10 and day 14 to leave their reviews. If they don't, we kick them out.

    Realistically for my own products, I'm getting a pretty good review rate but on average they are taking longer than the 10 days of having the product delivered. Most are actually following up though even if a bit slow. Just give it some time and almost all of them will leave the reviews.
  • SammySammy ✭✭
    OK I just realised I didn't uncheck the box to show the promotions on my listing :/

    Coupons were working fine..
  • For parent child listing, can we just add one child in the tool then check the box of "Track Parent Product and all Variations" instead of adding all children into the tool?
  • When creating these codes, make sure you click on 'One Redemption Per Customer.' That should do the trick.
  • @sammy Ahhhh! I did that once before a long time ago. Same thing happened. Sorry mate.

    @Ellie Teng Yes you can, but it gets a little tricky if you are giving away only one of the variations. The Super URL will rotate between the childs. If you only want to promote one child, then you need to add them in separately.
  • I've had my product listed for a good few days on the Amazon Review Club, but only a few people have applied. Is this normal?
  • ErikErik admin
    edited April 2015
    Hey @OZY well this really all depends on what your product is and what you have priced it at. We recommend pricing at around $1 or 90%+ off. And if your product is not very mainstream then making it free will always get you a boost in reviewers.

    You can email me directly at [email protected] and we can talk about your specific situation and I can see what I can do.
  • Hi @Erik I've emailed you just a while ago. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks
  • Loving the Review Tracker guys - here are my two top feature requests:

    1) I've definitely had a couple of people request the same coupon more than once. If I wasn't tracking each coupon I give away manually in a spreadsheet I wouldn't know. So I'd love to see a security feature where people who've requested a coupon for product A once are unable to request any coupon for product A again. Don't know how easy that would be to program however.

    2) Tracking when reviews have been left (and obviously those that have not been left). Snagshout does this and its a great feature. I think its essential so we can verify the % of reviews left to coupons given away.

    Brilliant value service and I recommend it to everyone.

  • @jameswatson Good requests.

    1) I definitely think it's time to add in the "avoid duplicate requests" feature. I wouldn't be surprised if @An_Ly isn't already working on implementing it for you guys. He's the man. Either way, we should have it for you guys soon enough.

    2) Tracking reviews. We're actually already doing it. Our system tracks whether or not the reviewers have left a review, and we have a series of email hassling them if they haven't left one yet.

  • Travis, my experience is that only 20% (if not less) of reviewers leave a review. Having the ability to track will be greatly appreciated.
  • How is a super url attached to am Amazon Review Club run? Does this happen automatically?
  • Hey @ejrooster Yes this happens automatically if you have a superurl setup it will be sent to the reviewers.

    @captainyee I'm sorry you have had this experience with reviewers, this is not normal at all.
    Let me see what I can do regarding the reviewers.

    We ask our reviewers to leave the review within 10 days of receiving the product
    we remind them at 7 and 10 days
    keep in mind it is from when they receive the product, take into consideration buying and shipping times.
    ​Realistically it is 14-16 days from when you send the coupon. And most reviewers want to use the product a while and make a real review.
    And some reviewers will be late of course.

    Let me know some more details and I will check it out,
    What date did you send out the coupon codes?
    email me at [email protected] and I will jump in and help
  • I have two colors on one of my products. How do I just blast one ASIN and not both? I see that I have (2) BSR's now one for each color.
  • The reviews we have received are great. Trouble is it's less than 25% of the discount codes that were redeemed. That's big bucks per review!
  • rixrix
    edited April 2015
    Amztracker is awesome! I just tried the review club and it works! I just have one question though, I tried the "create fulfillment technique" to hold some inventory for 2 weeks. I am ready to release them now. How can I cancel this order? Thank you so much!
  • How do people use these codes that Amazon have given us that look like this? I don't understand how people use these codes because the usual promo code only has 8 letters/numbers to it. So how do I help people use my codes that have been given to me via amazon? I can't find anything in Google on this. any help on this? I followed the instructions as per the videos, but I don't know how to tell people how to use the codes.
  • Laura LiuLaura Liu
    edited April 2015
    Hi, Travis, if I use Multiple, one time use claim codes for vouchers, do I still need to operate the "Step-by-Step Process for Protecting Your inventory?" If I need, then how can I cancel this “Hold for Two Weeks" orders once my promotion not redeemed?
  • SammySammy ✭✭
    edited April 2015
    I've had decent results from the Review club in the first 14 days, about 50% have left reviews, but more are trickling in every day as people receive the products. I'm guessing atleast 80-90% will leave one after some more time. Here's what I've learnt so far:

    Make your product $1 Max
    I had mine at $2-$5 and got very little response (the thinking was it would be people who actually wanted the product and more likely to leave positive reviews) As soon as I lowered it to $1 I got tons of review requests - a lot from highly ranked reviewers. It was only $1-2 difference but it resulted in a 10x influx of reviewers.
    Read their previous reviews closely
    I had one 3 star review where the complaint was about the size (which is crystal clear on my product page) I wont give out product to anyone that leaves regular negative reviews.
    Most reviewers leave positive feedback, but if there's any 2 - 3 star reviews scattered through there history then I avoid them.
    Be Patient if you haven't gotten a review
    I keep seeing people complain about not receiving reviews immediately - It can take a couple days to ship, a few more to receive a product. If you want accurate feedback then obviously it takes more time to sample your product. These people have lives of their own and are probably swimming in products to review and will get around to it eventually.
  • SammySammy ✭✭
    edited April 2015
    @Nicole - I dont understand the problem, what's stopping them from using a longer code?

    Mine work fine...
  • ErikErik admin
    edited April 2015
    @Laura Liu Hey there, If you are using the one time use claim codes I don't believe there is a need to do the inventory protection hold. But be sure the one time codes are setup correctly.

    @sammy Thanks for the great update and tips on how you have been using the review club!
  • One quick question:
    If I got a 3 star review because one of the reviewers didn't read the item description properly and expected something else, what's the best practice?

    Reply to their review? Try to get AMZ to remove it because they didn't state that it was received for a discount (that one could backfire)? I didn't find how I can send him a direct message.

  • @Lukas I just had the same thing happen to me. Ugghh. For me I was lucky that the reviewer had their email on their Amazon profile page. I just emailed them VERY politely and explained the situation and how we list very clearly the details of the product. I then asked if they could remove or change the review.
    That's really the best bet. I can't recommend doing anything else.
  • SammySammy ✭✭
    edited April 2015
    @lukas @Travis_Jamison - How harmful is one lone 3 star review though? I realise higher reviews effect rankings... but my thinking is a public response is better in the long run in a case like this.
    I had the same thing happen - reviewer complained about the amount of the product when it's written very clearly including in the title what the size is.
    My approach is to respond publicly on the review, offer them a full refund and politely explain that you had the details in the description and aren't trying to mislead anyone.
    My thinking is people scan for the 3 star reviews first and seeing a proactive response from a real person behind the company probably counteracts an obviously mistaken customer. Thoughts?
  • It seems like the review was already deleted.
    However, he left a seller review, which impacts my seller score (now I only have 99% seller score)
    I'll try to contact him and see what happens
  • SammySammy ✭✭
    Does the seller review mention the product at all? You can get them removed easily from what I've heard..
  • No, it doesn't actually mention the product. It says "I think it's good but, usually i don't use it."
  • SammySammy ✭✭
    Yeah - as far as I know (I haven't done it myself) you can get them removed by Amazon.
    Seller reviews should only talk about your service / company not the quality of the product at all, its against their guidelines.
  • Hey guys I'm loving this service, I mean I've only been using a few days so no reviews yet, but people are responding to my ads, even though my products aren't too mainstream.

    Question: I don't want my ads up too long on the review site, once I've sent out a bunch of codes, even if I didn't hit my max, can I edit it and click "remove review listings" to stop the ad? Or will this mess up the invites I have already sent out to people or how reviews and reviewers are tracked?
  • SammySammy ✭✭
    edited April 2015
    @Mr_Pants you can just adjust the dates in the Amztracker review club tool that your deal runs until.
    Set it to yesterday and this will take it off the current listings on the review site but leave you the option to put it back up at a later date by changing the date.
    (this is separate from the actual Amazon coupons, there expiry date will stay the same)
  • @sammy thanks for the reply I will do that on future listings. However I did shutdown two by clicking the "remove review listings" checkbox after getting enough response I felt I was good. Does that mean those people I approved won't be tracked, or is everything going to work normal?
  • @Mr_Pants They will still be tracked on our end, your review listing just won't be visible to any more reviewers after that. You're good to go.
  • One last thing, when all of my vouchers are used up and I go to edit the listing, I cannot do any edit such as change end date or check the remove box, without first giving it another voucher. My error is "you need to fill in the following: voucher code." So we cannot kill a listing without giving it one more voucher?
  • @Mr_Pants In that case the listing is already removed. If the vouchers are gone, so is the listing.
  • How long does it take for a reviewer to make a review? It's been 2 weeks and out of 36 giveaways, I only got 3 or 4 reviews
  • Hey @tkyorahat when it's all said and done you should end up with at around 80%+ reviews based on what we're seeing from everyone right now. Give it another week and they will start coming in.

    We ask that the reviewers leave a review within 10 days of receiving the product. Take into account the shipping time, the time it takes for the reviewer to actually use the code (many don't use it immediately), and then give it 10 days. Some are late leaving reviews anyway.

    When it's all finished, you should be looking good :smile:
  • Jimbob747Jimbob747
    edited May 2015
    Hi @Travis_Jamison , I just upgraded my account to start the review process - I had run a campaign a few weeks back and once it finished, I down-graded my account. Now when I try and start the campaign again, it seems to be keeping it as paused. Am I doing something wrong? (Most probably user error...!). Thanks!
  • I'm using this service as a business owner, but can we also gain access as a consumer to see the other end?
  • hunt_akhunt_ak
    edited June 2015
    @Travis_Jamison I have utilized Snagshout reviews in the past and enjoyed the feature of seeing the reviews and verifying the users are actually leaving the reviews before getting new product discounts. Is there any sort of follow-up/assurance tool built into this process?
  • Quick question - does the SuperURL get sent out as the review link when you click e-mail? If not, this would be great to have.
  • southstreet- I believe they use the superURL.

    Is it reccomended to 'Show link to Amazon' on the review listing?
  • SammySammy ✭✭
    edited May 2015
    @southstreetdesigns yes, that's the big reason for using this service IMO.

    @spb2015 I don't show the link on the review listing
    If i understand correctly.. this makes the link public on the Review website - meaning a bunch of potential traffic to your listing without purchase. If you want to keep your conversion rates high, you don't want this traffic, especially at the beginning.

    Although I've heard just traffic alone from a super URL can boost rankings, even without purchase. So I'm not entirely sure... but I'd prefer high conversion rates over more traffic from a super URL. I think this is more important to Amazon wrt rankings in the long run.
  • SammySammy ✭✭
    @Travis_Jamison Has the review club got a massive influx of new reviewers on board in the last couple of weeks?
    I took down my listing 2 weeks ago and just put it back up to get some more reviews and got wayyyy more interest than previously. About 5x the amount as last time. Same listing, same price.

    Also noticed a few top 1000 reviewers, Vine voices, and a bunch more in top 5000. Good stuff!

    ps: have you thought about contacting the top few thousand Amazon reviewers directly to join?
  • edited May 2015
    @sammy Heck yeah we've had a huge influx of reviewers for the Amazon Review Club.

    I think inviting some of the top reviewers is a great idea. We'll get on it!
  • Hey guys - I haven't used the review club yet but have given away a few products through acquaintances. Most of the 'unbiased and honest' reviews (the reviews did have the proper wording) have been removed by Amazon so I'm concerned that this is going to be a problem. Has anyone else had this happen? If so what can I do to minimize this happening?
  • @spiderella it can happen from time to time no matter what, but I can say that if Amazon even suspects that you know the people who left reviews (or they are from around the same area) I've seen them delete them.
    They deleted my Mom & Dads separate reviews when I was just starting out back in the day :smile:
  • SammySammy ✭✭
    I've heard similar - if you have a relationship, eg: family, same ip, anything connecting you then they get nuked
  • SammySammy ✭✭
    edited May 2015
    I just went through about 100 review requests I had backlogged.
    Again I'm a big fan of the review cub - but think it could easily get better with a few tweaks.

    Some feedback:
    I think the review club needs some more on-boarding for reviewers, and policies better explained (if you don't already).
    Perhaps a guide on what makes a great Amazon review, the more specific the better. With examples for them of some great reviewers.

    I'm finding more and more of the newer reviewers are just leaving 5 word reply's on every product they review. This is useless for a potential buyer, and a lot are just copy pasting the same reply for multiple reviews.
    I don't know Amazon's policies. But it's a huge red flag in terms of low quality reviews, that they may deem fake at some stage in the future - who knows.
    I see it like a low quality backlink - I'm sure Amazon will smarten up very soon and I doubt these type of reviews will carry much weight (they don't in buyers eyes)... but this is just pure speculation at this point.

    Obviously it's up to me whether to send them a product, but sorting though a lot of garbage requests isn't fun.

    Also is there any way to set conditions? eg: minimum review counts in my requests? This would save a lot of time too.
  • ErikErik admin
    Hey @sammy Thanks for the feedback. Yes the reviewers do get some on-boarding now, but maybe they need more and on an ongoing basis. I will work on getting the reviewers more instructions and help to improve their reviews.
    Appreciate the feedback.
  • edited May 2015
    Hey @sammy I'm agreeing with you here. Our pool of reviewers is growing by leaps and bounds everyday, so they aren't quite "as experienced" as before. As fate would have it, I'm actually working on some better on-boarding for them today :)

    I put a bunch of thought into it and came up with some great tips and feedback for them to make it better for all of us. Both sellers and reviewers, as well as a way to minimize those bastards who don't end up leaving reviews.
  • Aside from making a request in the initial offer, can we filter/sort which reviewers have Amazon Prime? Some of my orders from your review group are lagging because of the shipping type.
  • ErikErik admin
    @Tim There is no way to sort this right now. I would recommend adding this to the start of the description for the review club setup. It would help filter some at least.
  • I have a suggestion that on your review club, you add some additional filters such as "most recent". I don't see any way of determining what products from the very long list are "new". A reviewer who regularly checks items has the burden of scrolling through the entire list..... I think this would improve the satisfaction of your reviewers.
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