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How do I place a review club job for one product but for 2 super Urls?

if I would like to put a job in the review club for the same product but with 2 different Super URLS
say 30 unique codes for blue widget and 70 unique codes for red widget
- do i set up first blue widget super Url and post first review club job of 30
- then delete first url blue widget url and add second super url red widget and post 2nd job of 70?
- also do the codes need to be live when the job is posted or can you set up when pending ?



  • ErikErik admin
    edited April 2015
    Hey there @leliades thanks for asking this question here in the community, I'm sure others will benefit from the discussion that follows as well.

    So first off I'd like to clarify the reason for the 2 superurl's, are they for 2 different variations of the product, like an actual blue widget and a red widget. Or 2 different keywords leading to the same product. This will determine how to set up the superurl.

    Keyword variation:
    If you would like to split your superurl traffic between 2 different keywords for the same product with the split you described above. When adding keywords to the superurl you would weight the first at 3 and the second at 7. This would split clicks of that superurl 30/70 between the 2 keywords.

    Product Variation:
    If you have 2 different variations of the same product, say a blue cell phone case and a red cell phone case. If they were the only 2 variations of the product on that amazon listing then you could split the traffic 50/50 for the 2 colors easily by making sure the 2 colors are tracked and in the variation tab of the superurl. If you have other colors also like green that you do not want to run a promo for, or would like to split 30/70 like stated above you will need to do this some what manually.

    You would set it up as you mentioned in your post. The first promo of blue for 30 reviews then second for red 70 reviews. You will want to specify color clearly in the title, description, and note to seller for the promo so reviewers can easily tell what color the product will be before applying to review it.

    Hope this helps, let me know if you'd like further help.
  • edited October 2015
    hey Erik tks for that appreciated yes I am the first one same product- are you able to remind me how you do the weighting
  • ErikErik admin
    edited April 2015
    Sure thing @leliades
    On the superurl dashboard, click on the product you are working with and you will see the drop down of the keywords you have setup for it. You want to check the box next to the 2 keywords you want to use. Then in the next column it is labeled "weight", by default they are all set to a weight of 1, you can change this to what ever you like for example 3 and 7

    That's about it
  • think i worked it out form the video just to check, if I am following 10 keywords 2 of which have a super url set up , then I do one of those supers as a 3 and the other as 7 and leave the other 8 as 1? I guess the others dont matter as there is no super url set up for them?

    is that correct?
  • ErikErik admin
    edited April 2015
    @leliades Yes you are correct. For the other 8 kw's you would just leave them at 1 and NOT check the box next to them on the superurl dropdown, so they will not be used in the superurl at all, only used in tracking etc.
  • just realised still dont get it, which url do i put on the job? or does it automatically pick them up form the superurls already there?
  • ok so if no rediection link the 1 does not count however if i set up a redirection link for one of the 1 keywords then it would be incorporated and 3 will be wroking, if that is so that is pretty cool :) so when you post the job does it autoammtically know the links you do not have to ask or set them further?
  • maybe it is this? when you tick the box on the left it is used and when you dont is is not - it does not matter about the redirection links as they are only to give out to people? is this right?
  • @leliades If you tick the box to the left of the keyword it is used, if no box checked then it is not used.
    Also yes the review club promotion automatically uses the superurl for that product if you have one setup.
  • almost there Erik, does it still work fine if there are 2 super URLs per product if correct boxes are ticked, sorry for all the questions however it is the first and need to make sure i sright as it involves a lot of product , thanks!!!!!
  • hope you get me as i have 2 set up for a product which i give out individually to bloggers if i have weighted 2 keywords how will you system do? am i safe? will it just pick one of them and then eight the 2 keywords ticked?
  • Hey @leliades Yes it will use both or the url "slugs" you created equally. Both slugs will have the same kw's and weights associated with them.

    I had a look at what you got setup and it looks good to go!

    Let me know if you have any more questions, you can also contact me privately at [email protected] and we can talk specifics.

  • cool tks Erik, sent you email also :)
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