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Reviews from same Reviewer all looks the same

Hello guys, simple question here:
what's your take on reviewers that posts EXACTLY the same review for different products? Of course they just change few words (title, use, etc.) but EVERYTHING ELSE is exactly the same as in hundreds of other reviews they post on Amazon.. Are they for real? Are they re-selling the products? What do they get in exchange for such fake reviews?


  • @rumifdx I think they are just lazy. They don't care and all the sellers that choose them must not research their profile like you did to catch it.
    Please email me their profile url to [email protected] and I will ban them .

  • I have also noticed this quite frequently in fact.
    I find it it really strange for someone to copy and paste the same review into say 10 phone cases, all different.
    But due to the review being so vague they seem to get away with it.
    Highest and lowest rank too.

    Lots of reviewers take so much time writting and taking pictures and adding videos, but I think maybe if a seller looks at what their own product is, then scans through a reviewers previous reviews, to see items similar to what they are selling,
    You will see if the particular reviewer does copy/paste job.

    Sellers should confirm this prior to sending them a code.
    Then it's upto you as a seller if you dont mind generic copy/paste reviews.
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